11 year old wether-move him or ???

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    Mar 20, 2015
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    Hi all. I have an 11 year old wether who has some problems with his front feet. He kind of walks on the outside of his hooves and moves very slowly and he spends most of his time lying down. He is otherwise in pretty good health. He is a Nubian/Pygmy cross and he has always been somewhat arthritic. This problem with his front feet has been getting steadily worse. He is a big boy, probably 150 lbs. His bonded mate (same breed, herd mate) had to go bye-bye about a year ago for several reasons, one of which was her front feet.

    I am moving next month and I’m just worried about him handling the almost 2000 mile trailer trip. I am trailering my 3 other wethers so I could easily take him but I’m just worried about him. Should I look into putting him down before I move, or should I take him? I might be able to relocate him locally. Thoughts?
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    Does he need hoof trimming?

    Can you get pics? A video on how he walks?

    Cannot tell you what to do without knowing what it is.

    If it is arthritis, it will be tough on him.
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  3. Encgoatlady

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    Hi. I trim his hooves regularly but it is not an easy job as his walking has affected the way that they grow. I’ll post a video tomorrow if I can. The vet declared him arthritic several years ago,
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    That really is up to you. Think about the quality of his life.
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