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15mth nubian okay to milk?

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Hi all

I have a 15/16 month nubian doe who kidded and her kids (3 months old) just went to new homes today. Is she too young for me to hand milk or would it be okay. Her teats have stretched a bit with the kids...
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Of course you can milk her!
I don't know why but there seems to be a common misconception that FF shouldn't be milked... I've milked each of mine the same as my seasoned does and for as long too, though milking a FF is new to them and the process can take time for them to adjust and know their manners while being milked :)
I absolutely agree. I milk my FF girls also.
Yep, milk away : )
Thanks all! I milked her today. Her kids were sold yesterday. Now I have LOTS of questions!!! First time I have really milked a goat and not entirely sure I know what I am doing (despite u tubing!). So, I didn't get much from her - only about a cup. It has relieved the pressure in her teets but her udder is still quite full? Should I have kept going? She was fine until her grain ran out and then she was over it!!! And it was harder to get the milk out - unless I was doing it wrong? Will she be okay until tomorrow????

Any other hints greatly recieved!!! Also, I want to freeze the milk for use with any kids in the future and also to make some goats milk soap. Do I need to heat it before I freeze it? Thanks in advance and I apologise for my ignorance!!!! :)
You need to massage and bump as you milk, mimicking what kids would be doing as they nurse in order to get her udder emptied.
If she finishes her feed before you are done, try adding a large stone or 2 to the feed pan so she has to take more time to pick around them...that and I always have an extra scoop or 2 of alfalfa pellets close by to give a fidgety doe til I finish.

Are you milking twice a day? I would be, at this point those kids were taking in more milk so now that they are gone mama will have a tight full udder...milking twice a day will help keep production up and she'll have
more time on the stand to learn.
I don't pasteurize and once milk is filtered it's refrigerated or frozen in 1 quart freezer bags.
Also check your technique for lack of a better word... Fiasco farms has the best idea on learning how to milk... scroll down to the rubber glove photo's.
Remember, not pulling, but squeezing it down.

And my milking doe is a two year old first freshener. She was a late baby in the year, so she was first bred the next year. She is still milking now after having freshened in February. This week should tell us if she took on her fall breeding or not.
Thank you all! Link and comments very helpful. I just milked her (prior to reading emails!) and only got 350ml. I will milk her again later with all the hints!!! and let you know how it goes. Great idea about the stones!!
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