17 Hp to possibly 35Hp

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    Jan 12, 2020
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    I guess this is a great thing, our herd has grown additional acres are fully fenced in, and our barn is back on line. So now we are forecasting that we will go through double the amount of hay this winter, oh the fun of round bales 800 pounds of sheer joy to move.

    we have finally committed to purchasing a new tractor, all that remains is selection. We are kind of set on a Kubota, based on a few factors, understanding it’s still a foreign company they are made in Georgia, available non hydro static trans, and cost.

    Requirements are it being able to perform the following:

    Move round bales to the barn preferably with a 3 point hay spear

    Move materials such as small logs

    Push debris out of the creek bed when dry enough

    Run. 4 foot bush hog and Tiller

    pull the occasional Idiot that seems to prefer running off the road and landing in front of our house, versus slowing down around the curve

    light loader work such as cleaning out dirt and drainage areas, I plan on using a middle buster to dig up the ground and scooping out the dirt with the loader

    right now we are leaning towards the L2501, not sure if it would be better go up the next size frame tractor, or stick with the 2501? Most every one says to avoid models with emissions controls if at all possible.

    with the exception of moving hay my 17 hp Yanmar will do most of the above and only under the perfect conditions and will do so very slowly.

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    Our son is a big construction equip repair guy.... he works for CAT. He does do the occasional tractor at work and here as well. He always tells people to buy trusty older tractors that do not need go to the dealer to be fixed because of needing a machine to tell you what is wrong. Those fixes get very spendy very fast.

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    I would get the bigger horsepower.
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