2 gallon Pasteurizer, Separator and Butter Churn For Sale

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    Aug 20, 2009
    We are located in Iowa. To see the photos, here is the link:

    The Separator Info

    We bought this item to seperate the cream from our goats milk. The family did not like the goat milk without the cream so we never used it again. We did attach this item to a large cutting board to stablize it. You can have the cutting board or take it without. We bought this item last year for 495.00. Below is the information regarding this item. Asking 300.00

    This Electric cream separator combines the ease of electric separating with the durability of a stainless steel milk bowl and spinning bowl. Rated at 42 quarts per hour, the electric separator takes the guess work and labor out of separating. Plugs in to common household current (110). All parts that come into contact with milk are dishwasher safe for ease of cleanup. Compare this machine to any home electric cream separator on the market today.

    The Pastuerizer Info

    We bought this item to pasteurize goat milk. After the family refused to drink goats milk pasteurized, we only used this item to cool our milk. We now cool our milk a different way and the family only drinks whole goats milk without the pasteurizing part. Everything is complete and works well. We paid 499.00 for this pasteurizer. It is only one year old and I think its a 2 gallon. The information about this item is below. Asking 300.00

    Same great design as the single function pasteurizer, this all stainless steel dual function pasteurizer not only pasteurizes milk, but heat treats colostrum, too. Heat treating colostrum can help eliminate the spread of the CAE virus in your herd. You can also use this dual function pasteurizer as a two-gallon cheese vat or a yogurt maker. Simply adjust the heat treating thermostat to the desired temperature for making cheese or yogurt. This veratile machine will provide you with years of dependable service. It's the same dual function pasteurizer as the Safeguard, only all stainless steel.

    The Butter Churn Info

    We bought this to make butter out of Goats milk but the family liked the whole milk much better so we made butter once and never again. When we used this hand churn we took off the handle and used a drill to make it easy and faster for churning. We purchased this new for $159.00. This is the information about this item below. Asking 85.00

    14C Renew the art of butter making at home without sacrificing the advantages of 21st century technology. Designed to replicate the famous "Daizey" butter churn of yesteryear, this beautiful churn could easily be mistaken for its antique predecessor. But don't be fooled, it can make a batch of butter in just 15 minutes! Designed and manufactured right here in the USA, it features smooth running Deirin gears, a stainless steel dasher, wooden handle and a 4-qt. square glass (not plastic) jar that churns up to 2-1/2 quarts of cream at a time. The handle-over-the-gear assembly allows steady operation with no wobble. This churn is unparalleled in appearance, utilization and workmanship.
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    do you still have the pasteurizer for sale