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In my last post, I had purchased a 4 month old Boer doe who, unfortunately was sick when I picked her up. I foolishly trusted that the previous owner took as good of care of his goats as I would mine and did not look at her gums/eyelids until I brought her home. They were white as paper and needless to say my heart dropped to my stomach at the sight of that. Knowing I may have brought diseases home to my precious little NDG doeling (whom I bottle fed and formed a very "motherly" bond with) made me sick. Fortunately, after giving the man a call and telling him his other goats may be sick as well he offered to take her back and refund my money. I acted on this very quickly.
Now even though I had Dixie (NDG) and Abilene (Boer) seperated mostly, they did cross paths a few times while she was here. I'm a person that likes to do as much of everything health-wise to my animals
as possible and take veterinary trips only as needed.
I am looking for experienced goat owner input to assess Dixie's health.

- She is currently on Amprole for Coccidia treatment/prevention, she has been CDT vaccinated and I dewormed her with a dose of Dumor pelleted dewormer (I watched her eat it all).
- She appears to be healthy overall at the moment.
- She is active and seems very happy.
- She is eating very well.
- She did have one diarrhea bowl movement the day after I took Abilene back to her former owner. I freaked out of course but after I administered Amprole to her water source, her poop seems to be normal and "rabbit-like".
-I do occasionally see very small "clumpy" fecal formations and this makes me think she may still have some kind of worms.
-Her gums are pink but no where near a rich salmon color and this is worrying me.

I am taking a fecal sample in Monday but for now, any advice or input?

Thank you! :angelgoat:

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A fecal is a good idea to find out where she is.

Give an iron supplement to help re-build her blood.

Pelleted wormers, I don't think work as well as liquid kinds. Such as Ivomec inj or Valbezen.

Amprol is that corid? If so, how are you dosing it?

What are you feeding her. Some feeds can cause lose stools, if given to much to fast.
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