2 Myotonic does available (CA)

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    Oct 29, 2009
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    Isis: A nice stocky large sized myotonic doe. She is MGR and IFGA reg. Red w/frosted ears and nose. Disbudded, blue eyes. 2 teated. Kidded triplets as a first freshener. Possibly bred. Very friendly $350

    Bree: Available after her kids are weaned. Tri-colored, stocky doe, small-medium sized. Horned, brown eyes. kidded twins as a first freshener. Comes for treats but not very social. Dam is a Grand Champion and Best in Show winner. Bree would do very well in the show ring. $300

    Can sell together with an outcross (show quality) buck as a starter herd for $700. Your choice between my chocolate, moonspotted proven buck or my polled, black buckling.

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