2 ND bucks, 1 ND blue eyes doe or reserve spring kids

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    Delivery available throughout most of Minnesota, Fargo North Dakota, northern Wisconsin, U.P. Michigan. Goats can be flown also for additional fees.
    Aubreys Acres Addison
    This friendly & sweet little BLUE-EYED girl is for sale. She was born March 24, 2009. Addison is sired by The Schifsky's TLC Farm Fabio & dam is AGS Mini Angels Boaz Brietta. She is very small in size but very proportionate. She is registered through the American Dairy Goat Association.
    A breeding could be arranged with my little buck Harper after March if interested for an additional fee.
    Deb's Whisperwood's WK Diesel
    Diesel is registered through the American Dairy Goat Association. He has spectacular bloodlines. His Sire's side includes: MI Sugarcreek VL Tunes Walkman *B, MI Sugarcreek NT Valor *B, GCH AGS Sugar Creeks PT Show Tunes 1*M AR2005 LA2007,2005. His dam's side includes: Deb's Whisperwood's Cool Oprah, CH AGS Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets LA2006 & AGS Sugar Creek NS Tyra Banks LA2006. Diesel was born December 11, 2007. Diesel sired one doeling in the spring of 2009 for me named Kai-lan. She won 2 Reserve Champion Jr. Doe placements and usually places at the top of her classes. For being a junior, she had long plump teats already & I look forward to seeing how she freshens in the spring! Fall 2009 resulted in most of my breedings to Diesel. I will be retaining a majority of the doelings produced from him along with a buckling or two. The type on this guy is awesome. He is very level & long. If he doesn't sell I plan to keep him & have him appraised at the linear appraisal in 2010. He has a lot of great features & I look forward to seeing how the kids all turn out! $400
    Shere Country EX Harper may possibly be for sale if there is any interest after January. Harper won 2 Grand Champion JR Buck wins 6-6-09!!
    Harper is one of the twins born here from a breeding agreement with Julie Shere's buck Lost Valley KW Excaliber *S who won Junior Reserve Champion in June of 2008 receiving his first championship leg, he is related to MCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D 'E' 2008 AGS National Grand Champion Senior Doe. The dam to Harper is Deb's Whisperwood's Beyonce. I absolutely love Harpers color pattern. He has hopefully bred one of my does & I have a 2nd doe to breed to him in January & then he can go if there is any interest in him. $325
    Spring kids will be due starting around March 10 through June. Reserve soon! We have no orders for does or in-tact bucks yet. We currently have 4 reservations for wethers. I may also have two milkers available if they produce any doelings.
    Let me know if you have any questions. We are very happy to share our knowlege or set up an appointment so you can come meet our animals! Nigerian Dwarf goats are very gentle & make excellent pets besides producing a nice amount of creamy milk. Even young children can handle these goats with ease. My 3 yr old son won't even let me go to the barn without him because he wants to play with the goats every time!

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