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#1 - the Silver Buckskin is Mia - 3 pics of her
Not really working with her lines and I'm keeping her two 2013 girls.
This is a milk and show girl. Nice capacious FF udder with good fore udder smoothness.
Mia is an attractive sweet girl who would do well for a show family besides fill the milk pail.

For the pail - she has good teat size and milks out easily.

Member of our 2012 1st Place All Breed Best Three Junior Does
Member of our 2012 2nd Place All Breed Best Three Junior Does
Member of our 2012 Colorado State Fair 2nd Place Best Three Junior Does

Empty Udder on this pic

This girl always has a happy face on - very sweet girl

Udder pic 12hrs fresh - she is a FF

#2 - Laney - Have side pics from her when she was ~1 month out from kidding and then a side pic from her udder at ~ 24hrs fresh.

Laney Kidded 7/5/2013 with a huge FF udder. If she sticks around, I will be doing a milk test on her. Her dam and half sister both got their stars as FF's. And they were very nice to milk out too.

Very hard to get a girl looking her best in late term pregnancy and to top it off it was a hot day of 100 degrees when I took her pics. I think she did pretty good!

She isn't the friendliest girl but is warming up and I expect will only get better as now I'll need to milk her - even with her big boy!

I am keeping her sister but I think Laney has better conformation. Her sister has lots of moonspots. What can I say .....

This is more of a milk goat vs show goat - she will produce nicely for a family.

pic of udder at ~24hrs fresh

As always you can see more at and we ship nationwide.

thanks everyone,
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