2 week old baby with goopy eyes and temp

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    Ok so I have twins, 1 girl one boy, they are out of Sangrai... Yes Sarah lol it is the little buckling from buddy. Dont worry I know he is fine I just want your guys thought. Sangria is getting up there in age and always noticed that those babies were ALWAYS nursing, and they would scream, but I know they were getting some. They havent grown much and are always nursing. So I decided today was nice and warm and they were old enough to join the herd with their momma during the day. Well that dident work out so well, Sangria was more interested in fighting with the rest of the goats than pay attention to her babies and that night I herd one of the babies screaming and I went down and the girl was weak, could barely stand. So I took the babies up to the house and put them on a bottle. I decided to keep them off momma for 24 hours to see if she would bag up. Well today she had about 3 oz of milk in her udder..... she has like NO milk!!! She was getting all the oat and alfalfa she could eat, she was getting about 2 cups of milker grain a day, she was wormed after she kidded with ivermectin. Momma looks great fat and happy, just no milk, or I guess I should say just very little. SO I now have two adorable bottle babies. But since the cold last night the little boy has goopy eyes and his temp is 103.1 and his sisters is 102.1. Now the girl that was weak last night is great, she has been bouncing around my house all day but the little guy isent AS bouncy but isent acting totally dumpy either, he dosent have that great of an appetite but I am sure they can only really take in a couple of gulps before they are full because momma had no milk. They both are pooping and peeing just fine. Shoudl I give him some Penn G?? I want to nip this in the butt before it gets worse. thanks guys!
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    I would watch his temp. If it goes up I would give antibiotics.

    For right now I would give him some nutridrench. The goopy eyes could be from stress and the cold.

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    When you say they haven't grown much ... how do they look ? I mean, are they thin ? Or just looking normal, but not growing larger yet like you think they should ? Just curious because if you didn't worm mamma until after she kidded, they could've picked up some worms while in her uterus. They can't get worms through nursing ... but before they're born the worms CAN be passed to them while they're still inside mamma.

    As for her not producing milk .... I'm not sure if you have any other posts about this nanny and her kids, but I missed them if you did post ... so I have some questions ... You say the kids were nursing constantly, and then said you decided to finally let them out with mamma all day ... so when were the kids nursing constantly ? At night? Or what do you mean exactly ? If mamma wasn't nursing them all day, her milk may have decreased. She will only make enough milk for the amount that is being nursed from her. Although I am not certain how much or how often you mean that the kids are nursing from her.
    Also, here is a list of milk increasing herbs :
    Milk Increasing Herbs
    Milk Thistle
    Red Raspberry[*]

    You might be able to bring her production back up a little if you milk her regularly, unless the kids already are (as I said I'm not certain if they are or not from your post). But it won't necessarily be enough for them. Sound like there's a good chance they are bottle babies now with slim to no chances of putting them back on mom.

    Now onto the bottle babies ... Here is the statistics of a normal goat :
    Temperature: 104 degrees (+ or - 1)
    Heart Rate: 70 - 80 beats / minute (faster for kids)
    Respiration Rate: 12 - 15 / minute (faster for kids)
    Rumen Movement: 1 - 1.5 / minute

    Remember these are the average for a normal goat---
    This does not mean that your goat has to conform exactly.
    They are individuals and will vary.

    So if you go by the normal goat statistics, your kids aren't really all that "off" in temp.
    When they're not sickly ~ take their temp several times (on different days) to see what a "normal temp" is for each of them individually. So you know when their temp IS off ... from their personal normal temp.

    As for the goopy eyes - it could be just a slight cold ... is there any cough, sneezing, runny nose ? Or just goopy eyes ? You can use a damp clothe to remove the clumps from his eyes. Keep the discharge cleaned up from his eyes as much as possible without irritating him. Is the discharge only in the morning ... or do his eyes seep constantly ? If you think he's getting a cold you could give him some vet RX.
    If he has a cough, and/or if you have a stethoscope (you can get them really cheap on http://www.jefferslivestock.com ) and you can listen to his lungs ... if he has a raspy sound ... then you should give him some antiobiotics in case he's developing pnuemonia. But he would have a raspy sound if this is the case. Atleast to my knowledge anyway. Although there is such a thing as "Silent Pnuemonia" (sorry, I don't want to scare you, just trying to help in any way I can and I don't want to miss anything). I had a buck who died from what I think (and Stacey thought as well) was silent pnuemonia. Actually, Stacey is the one who told me about silent pnuemonia.
    My buck had the goopy eyes as well, but his gooped SO BAD that his eyes pasted shut ! I tried removing it with a damp clothe, but each morning they'd be pasted shut again. I thought he was getting better, then all of the sudden, one morning he was dead. I was SHOCKED ! And devastated ! I will never know for sure what it was, but Stacey and I assume it was silent pnuemonia. :shrug:

    You said the little doeling was to weak to stand up ... was she stepped on or rammed by any chance ? I'm assuming there's a possibility she could've been since she was out with the other goats that day, and that same evening is when she was to weak to stand. How is she doing now ? Is she still as weak ? Has she been eating ?

    DEFINATELY give them both some nutridrench. Do you have any fastrack gel ? That would be really good to give them to ! Stacey sells it if you don't have any. I would really recommend buying it ... it's some good stuff !

    Here's a recipe for making your own similar utridrench mixture if you don't have any :
    Nutri Drench (make it yourself)
    1 Cup Molasses
    1 Cup Corn Oil (she said it has to be corn oil, nothing else!)
    2 Cups Karo Syrup

    Here's a mixture for weak goats/kids :
    1 part Molasses
    1 part Corn oil
    2 parts Karo syrup (light)
    Store mixture in dark, cool place.
    Numerous uses. Goats off feed, dehydration, pregnancy toxemia, stress, kidding
    difficulties, weak kids. Takes longer to metabolize.
    Good to use to get a goat/kid through the night.

    While you're at it, give the kids a little bit of yogurt in their bottles. It can only do them good :) And they usually love it (especially the flavored kinds) ... make sure it has active cultures ... that's the kind they need.

    Do ya got any gatoraid or pedyalite ? You could offer them some of that as well. It can't hurt them, and it will help keep their electrolytes replenished. So there's no harm in giving them some, it can only help them if they need it by chance.

    Well anyway, give us updates on the kids, and let us know if you end up having to try anything to help them and what works. Hope they do good for you ! And when ya get a chance ... post some pics ! :D
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    What I meant by babies constantly nursing and I finally let them out in the big herd with their momma, I have a large chain link dog kennel on my back patio that I using as a kidding stall, all I have to do is look out my back door and there they are lol. Anyways I dont let them out in the herd(including momma) until babies are about a week or so old, depending on how they grow and act. Momma was wormed before she bred, while she was bred and after she was bred... I know it sounds like alot but I have my own way of worming the pregnant moms that works great for me. They have nice shiney coats but their bellys are sunk in like they arent getting enough food. I know what the difference is between a wormy sickly baby and one that just isent getting enough milk, as far as the growing part, it is just that they arent getting enough food. They ended up getting snotty noses and a little congestion in the chest so i put them on Penn G and within an hour their runny noses were drying up already. I know it was a cold cause they were freezing by the time I got them up to the house. I mean it wasent cold outside but for these little babies and not getting enough food, I am lucky I found them in time. Thank you for the information, I know all about the herbs and stuff, love making things with my herbs. Ok well thank you again!
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    Julie, thanks for posting all that info, that was very helpful for me!! Thanks! I'm gonna remember some of that, especially the recipe for your own Nutri-Drench. About how much would you give of that to a kid or adult?
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    when i have kids with goopy eyes i get that creme from doctors for like pinkeye, it works uber good

    its really weird sangria isn't producing milk at all. it's actually worrying me.. and i know she doesn't have worms between you and me!

    hope the babies are getting better!
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    I clean up the goobies first,,sometimes I take eye wash and flush the eyes ,then dry them...............then put a couple of drops of penG in there eyes for 4 days or so........
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    So, it's safe to put Pen-G in their eyes? I didn't know that before. . . . sweet. :) We have some drops we got from the vet for our first babies, they work well - when they're gone, I may try the Pen-G. Most of the time our kids get a little goop in their eyes from dust from the bedding. We clean it up and put those drops in there. We haven't had a kid get a cold before. . . . haven't been doing this very long though.
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    capriola-nd.....yes it is safe .................and I do it when "MR GOOBER" strikes :greengrin: