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2 week old kids with lose stool

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I not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I have 2 sets of 2week old kids and they all seem to have varying degrees of lose stools. From clumps to mush.
One of the moms is clumpy too, I was going to deworm her, but how do I treat the little ones?
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I would take a sample in and see if it cocci.....I think 2 weeks is when they can start to get it since they are starting to nibble things. It could be salmonella or moms milk is to rich. I had some scours last year with my kids then changed moms hay and they were better. You could try scour halt and see if that helps.
What color poop are you finding? green tint can be dietary, dark brown to black can be worm load..Babies with yellow runs could be milk toxcity, ecoli...
A fecal is a good place to start, cocci could be an issue...

for mom, ploppy poop canbe wet graze, too much grain, worms, ect...

Babies could be too much milk, cocci, wet graze...
I agree, 2 weeks old, is at the age where cocci and worms can raise it's ugly head. :(
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