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2 year old doe has scours and under weight

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I take care of my moms goats for her but we haven't had them long enough to have had many problems. She has been like this for a month now, I know we should probably call a vet but we don't have the extra money. We have tried worming her with this dumor wormer that looks like pellet feed, we have been giving her electrolyes and today my mom got her some feed that is suppose to aid in coccidios. We feed them hay and sweet feed corn mixed. I don't know what we should do or try, it has seemed to stop for a few days just to go back to her being that way again, all the other goats seems to be healthy. Its starting to get cold and she seems to be colder then the rest too but probably since she's so skinny.
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Pelleted dewormers don't work. The coccidia med in feed is for prevention so won't work in your situation. If you don't get a fecal done, then you need to deworm with everything. You need Ivomec Plus and either Sulmet or DiMethox.

Ivomec Plus you can give orally at 1cc per 20 lbs. Give 3 doses at 10 days apart.

Sulmet or DiMethox are for coccidia. You need to do 1cc per 5 lbs on day one and then 1cc per 10 lbs days 2-5. Repeat in 2 weeks.

What type of hay are you feeding? Do you have a good loose goat mineral out for them?
Pelleted wormers won't solve her problem. Can you get a fecal sample to the vet? Usually not to pricey than you would know what meds. But likely need a cocci need like Dimethox or a real wormer like Valbazen
I have ivomec pour on for cattle and ivomec injectible, would either work for goats? If so is the dosing the same? it hay that contains clover, johnson grass, and not sure what else it smells very sweet. We don't have any mineral out for them would a block work or any specific kind? I would not be sure on how to get a fecal test to a vet, we haven't been able to find a vet that knows much about goats in the area, most vets around are for house hold animals.
Either will work look up proper dosing based on does weight. It will not take care of cocci. Any vet can do a fecal test. Their looking for worms/parasites. Tell them you're looking for worms and cocci.
Ivomec is 1 cc per 40# sub will take care of most worms but not liver fluke or cocci...Ivomec Plus will take care of the liver fluke as well..Sulmet or dimothos fro 5 days will take care of cocci..

While she is runny:
No feed..hay and green leaves only
cd antitoxin every 12 hours
pepto to hep dry her up and sooth her tummy

electrolytes to keep her hydrated

Homemade Electrolytes

A half gallon of hot water
2-6 Tablespoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses
1-2 Tablespoons of Either Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda or Table Salt.
1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix well and drench or let them drink it
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I would not use pour on as an oral med. You can use the injectable as an oral med.
Sounds like she need dosing for worms and quick. Another thing to try for scours that are sometimes hard to kick is bentonite clay ... whenever I have unexplained scours, if they don't respond to immediate drenching, I'll give them a tsp of bentonite clay ... the granular bentonite stuff, not the fine powder "Washed" bentonite that won't work. Its completely 'extra label' so don't quote me on that! You'll find that it says not for internal use ... thats only because its not tested/approved/food grade ... its never done harm here yet. I always keep some in stock for emergencies. I've never met diarrhea it won't stop overnight, removing the animal form the danger of dehydration and damage to intestinal walls, and its great for absorbing huge amounts of toxins as well so it helps both ways. Its amazing how much happier a sick goat is when its diarrhea stops! It won't necessarily deal with the cause though, you need to find that and repeat dose. I give them 1 tsp first, then follow it up with another 1/2 tsp in 12 hours, then 1/4 tsp every 12 hours, gradually weaning off. I've never needed to use this for more that 3 or 4 days. If the scours is not caused by worms (very unusual) I'll also give a tsp each of Slipper Elm and Pau d'Arco powder for a few days. In fact thats not a bad idea as a general thing for all scours!
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We have wormed her with ivomec gave her pepto and electrolytes, today her rear seems dry so her scours may have subsided, but she still seems cold. I guess this would be normal for her being under weight? Would it hurt to treat her for cocci if I didn't know if she had it?
I would definitely treat for all worms if you don't take a fecal sample in to find out what she has. I would treat for coccidia. So use Sulmet or DiMethox for coccidia. Both are 1cc per 5 lbs day 1 and 1cc per 10 lbs days 2-5. You may have to repeat all of this in 2 weeks.
I would get a fecal on her you needto know what type of worms you are dealing with and if it is cocci. Have you checked her eye lids? I would get her on some iron as well
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Ok. Thank you all for the help! I really appreciate it.
How could I determin her weight without a scale?
Look on Fiasco Farm. They have a way to use a measuring tape.
Did you test her for Johne's disease?
No she hasn't been tested for anything. How do you test for it?
You can send a blood or fecal sample into Waddl or some other lab, or have a vet deal with the process. If she tests postive that is no good at all, but that would explain the weight loss/skinniness, and the constant scours.

If you send in the sample to WADDL yourself you can test for CAE, CL, and Johnes for $22.05
If you send in the sample to WADDL yourself you can test for CAE, CL, and Johnes for $22.05
For cae and cl , blood must be sent in ;)

Do have a fecal done to rule our worm load..if you can not for any reason have a fecal done...Use either Ivomec plus or Valbazen (not for pregnant does) to worm her
Both cover a broad base of worms..I would worm 3 times 10 days apart then once againin 30 days...
I would start anemia treatment if she is pale in the is a link on how to check that.
Any goat with water poop should be on C D Antitoxin to protect her gut.
Banamine is an anti-inflammitory that can help with irritaton in her gut as well

If she needs treatment

red cell : 6 cc per 100 # double day one reg. dose for a full week then once a week until color is better
Vit B 12 shot (RX) or B complex PLUS which has enough 12 in it
High protien feeds (once she is not runny) Alfalfa and green leaves will help her rebuild red blood cells along with the B 12
mix 50/50 ACV and water and dose her daily with 20 cc orally

No feed until she poops berries, keep her hydtrated, keep free choice hay in front of her..Pepto will help sooth her tummy and dry her up..

Best wishes

OK, just Saw you already treated with Ivomec injectable :D, If you can get Ivomec Plus for a booster in 10 days, you will be covering liver fluke as well

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CAE, and CL need a blood sample, Johne's can be blood or fecal. Sorry for a misunderstanding :)
Ok another thought ... I've heard a lot about cobalt deficiency causing scours, underweight and unusual cold body temperatures, as well as predisposition towards worms.

The guy whose book I'm thinking of in particular said that any case with unexplained coldness should be suspected for cobalt deficiency.

I just thought of it because I've certainly never seen even really bad cases of worms result in cold temps. And it sounds like she may not be responding to dosing?

I'd suggest you ask your vet about cobalt deficiency, re chilling ... he'll be able to run a blood test for cobalt/B12 deficiencies if he thinks its called for, an he'll have access to treatments for it as well.

Being a vet he may have a good reason why its not worth even looking at cobalt ... but its the only cause of odd chills that I've heard of and if I was you I'd be pressing my vet about it pretty hard to be sure. Mind you I've seen/had a few terrible judgement calls from vets who develop a pet theory for the cause and won't consider other ideas ... and I tend to be careful with them now!

I know supplementation with cobalt and V-B12 together is called for if thats the case ... I believe its an injection, I don't know of any other way of getting it. I have heard of the B12 working on its own with mild cases, but I'd think it would have to be followed up with cobalt. I'm pretty sure at least the B12 will only work as injection ... something like its not taken up in the digestive system.

I'd like to know what the eventual verdict on your girl is ... I hope you find something that works for her soon!
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