2 year old rough collie

Discussion in 'Other Animals For Sale' started by Victoria, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Victoria

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Vernonia, Oregon
    I brought 'Babe' home for my clinic on Friday..yea just what I need is one more dog. The breeder couldn't use her in he breeding program as she is too small (40 pounds vs the standard 60#'s for a bitch) the breeder does this every six months or so, she is VERY old school, she brings in the dogs that don't work, for us to put to sleep. Needless to say, this little girl came home with me, and will stay here until I find her a great home. She has been a kennel dog, but is doing amazingly well on my place. She loves my other dogs, even the Chihuahua's. She is really quiet for a collie too! Normally they bark for fun, but I have only heard her bark a couple of times at night!!
    She is a sable collie, (looks like Lassie) very sweet and pretty. She would love a farm home..but really does need a fence.
    I can travel a bit or find a ride for her if anyone far away is interested. She is spayed and current on shots, eats about 2 cups of food a day..I can email pics but I can't post pics on here for some reason..
    There is no fee for her....
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    Jun 26, 2008
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    ugh!!! i would take her in a heartbeat@!

    i love collies, always have but i couldn't find any close to me when my akita was put to sleep...so i finally settled for my basset!

    i hope she find s a good home

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    AWW! Do you know any of the names on her papers?? My Aunt raised collies (was in Portland most of her breeding career) until she died suddenly a few years back (only in her 40's), so, it is kinda sentimental but would you know if she has any Cresthaven in her?? I would love to see pics crazycootefarm@gmail.com.