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Ok! Ok! I'll stop now. We had seven Nigerian Dwarfs born this year. We are having sooo much fun. Problem is we are only keeping one. The top pic is of the one my daughter chose to keep this year. She is spoiling it good. It was "helping" her studying when I took the pic.

These little kids are so active several have already "found" the highest spot in the pen. Now I have to find good homes for the other six. I've been putting it off. lol I'm enjoying just watching them. At devotions the other day we all answered the question, "What do you think makes God laugh?" My husbands answer was maybe little goats that go boing, boing as move about. lol

I know not many people use Dwarfs for packing, but we are having fun using them.



1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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