2010 Reservations for Nigerian Dwarf Goats CA

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    I have 5 Does due to kid, starting the middle of february onto the end of march, I will also have 2 does due later this summer

    Not sure about transport but ask and we can talk! And I may be open to trade....
    Heres what I know about the goats, some of them arent mine

    DreamWeavers WK Shirely: She is a 2 toned cream color, 7 years old, this is her last kidding, I dont have a god body pic of her on my laptop, but I have one on my website. The judge loved her for her longevity and smooth blending, she lacks a little in the udder, but I have never milked her and when I showed her the judge said I need to try milking, but the udder looked good. She has really nice bloodlines, Starbucks, Twin Creeks and others

    Apple Hill Kids GB Lillybug: Shes Tricolor Buckskin, about 2 years old, this is her first kidding. When I showed her at County Fair, the judge just loved her personality, she thought she was a great girl except....Lilly wasnt long enough, she has grown since showing and has gotten longer. She was nice and smooth, nice long teats. She has good feet and legs. Great bloodlines, Mistiques, Starbucks, Twin Creeks, and more

    Jenny: Shes unregistered. She was my very first goat and the breeder pretty much screwed me over, saying that she was registered and she forgot her papers, I admit I was stupid then, I trusted her. BUT I love jenny with all my heart! Shes my baby girl and I just had to breed her!

    Green Willows Padme: Shes Black and white with some brown, shes 2 years old. I just got her so I know nothing about her yet, shes not bred yet, she will be bred for later babies. Her bloodlines include PrairieWood and Green Willows

    AMF...And then some: I think shes Light Chamiose. She is probably my best goat! I just got her but already I LOVE HER, her Sire won AGS nationals 2 YEARS IN A ROW!! She has gotten 2 first placing in NDGA and 2 grand champions! Also in AGS she got 2 first placing and one grand champion.I adore her and love her confirmation. She has thin pliable skin, open ribbing and a very level top line. Her front legs are straight and point forward. She has nice rear leg angulation with great space between her hocks. She will be bred for kids later ths year. She has amazing BLOODLINES, they are Cloverdale, Cornerstone, Promiseland, Piddlin Acres, Flat rocks, Willow creeks, Gay Mor, Goodwood, Pecan Hollow, Twin Creeks, and soooo many more!

    NOW for my friends goats, she only has 2
    Walnut Hill Roxy: shes buckskin. She won 3rd place for breeding at the fair, I dont know much about her

    DC Miniatures Bewitched: Shes dark chamoise with blue eyes, I also dont know anything about her

    So for the buck
    Six Shooters MH Samuri Warrior

    SS: Esperanza MB Smarty Jones
    Sire: Esperanza SJ Miracles Happen
    SD: Esperanza WS C Note
    DS: Piddlin Acres BH Suzuki Samuri
    Dam: Piddlin Acres Samuri's Geisha
    DD: Piddlin Acres Eur

    He is bred to:

    TinyHooves CC Sunny Delight, Chamiose with blue eyes!!!

    SS: Big Enuf SI Image of the Moon
    Sire: DC Miniatures Im Chupa Chup
    SD: DC Miniatures Gingersnap
    DS: Starbucks White Knight
    Dam: DreamWeavers WK Shirley
    DD:Twin Creeks BH Bracelet Barbee

    He is bred to Bewitched

    Daisy and Padme, Im not sure who to breed them to yet,I want to use my buck blacky but hes being a brat and doesnt want to breed...Maybe hes gay..

    Shirely: She was sonogrammed with 2 or more and last year she had 3. One reservation on her, Sarah M
    Lilly: Sonogrammed with 2 or more. One reservation, Quacking Canopy, Amanda
    Jenny: Shes unregistered, if anyone wants unregistered babies, I will sell them for cheap
    Daisy: None yet
    Padme: None yet
    Bewitched: One reservation

    Ok so Im SUPER bad with pics, my goats follow me so its realy hard to get a pic!
    I have lots of pics on my website, check them out! I dont have one of warrior, the buck though
    So here he is!