2011 Reservations - Nubians - Michigan - CAE negative herd

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    Dec 19, 2010
    I'm taking deposits on my 2011 goat kids. I have 5 already reserved, and a
    possible 1-2 more that are coming in shortly. If you are interested in a kid out
    of a specific doe, you should get with me quick! :)

    We are a tested CAE, CL, Johnes & Brucella negative herd (through WADDL).

    We participate in DHIR (official milk testing) and ADGA's Linear Appraisal
    Program. 2 of our Does have earned their milk stars already even though they are
    only partially through their current lactation (i.e. still in progress.)

    They earned their star in all three areas - milk production, butterfat, and
    protein. In fact, they topped out the chart in all categories and they are not
    done with their lactation yet! :D

    One of my does (SG Land of Havilah Sonador 1*M) earned her SG (Superior
    Genetics) status on November 30th! :D Reservations are open on this breeding,
    and on Sonador's daughter, Land of Havilah DreamOfLiberty.

    DiamondGirl - my yearling first freshener - produced 7.6% butterfat on her November milk test. The average for Nubian's is around 4-5%. She should earn her *M on her next milk test.

    Galathea - Tia is my foundation doe. She earned her milk star on her Deember milk test. Tia's dam (Lynnhaven J Goody2 Shoes) was on milk test, she earned her *M, but it was not awarded, as she was not enrolled in ADGA's DHIR program. That means that Tia is actually a 11*M, and that her daughters: ShekinahGlory and DiamondGirl are 12*M.

    We have heavy Kastdemur bloodlines, also Starcrosst, Lynnhaven, Easy-Stream in their pedigree. Pedigrees include SEVERAL ADGA National Champions and Best Udder winners.

    See my website for pictures, pedigrees, DHIR & LA information on every goat in
    our herd. Prices and planned breedings are on our "Reservation" page.

    Located in south central Michigan.

    - Kristie
    Land of Havilah Farm Nubian Dairy Goats
    CAE, CL, Johnes & Brucella negative herd
    DHIR & LA
    SG & *M milkers