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We have 5 does bred at this time.

We will also be running our Helmstead Minis buck with our does born in 2013 for May or June kids.

Oldesouth ZV Bandit X Snickers

Oldesouth ZV Bandit X Oreo

Oldesouth ZV Bandit X Daisy

Beaudroux X Oldesouth Cocoa Bliss (doe or buck retained)

Beaudroux X Sweetie.

Parrish Farm's, Little T Rowdie X Gypsy (doe or buck will be retained)

We will be running Blaze with our younger does:

Blaze X Stardust

Blaze X Magic

Blaze X Miss Priss

Blaze X Swiss Miss (doe retained)

Mini Nubians:

We will run Buster with the mini Nubian girls.

Buster X Maggie (doe possibly retained)

Buster X Molly
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