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2014 J.O.Y. Farm Kidding Thread

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I'm so excited to have kids again that I couldn't wait to start a thread! :D
We have five does bred this year :) just waiting for day 21 on two of them to be sure they don't come back into heat, but I think they settled :)

First up is Phoenix Farm Amaze Me. Mazie is new to Phoenix Farm Justice and is due Feb. 8th (1st doe reserved 2nd doe retained)


Up next is Phoenix Farm Cream Puff. Puffy is bred to Phoenix Farm Wind Chaser(who is for sale ;) ) and due Feb. 13th (1st doe retained)


J.O.Y. Farm MR Brook follows Puff due Feb. 14th bred to Phoenix Farm Justice.(doe possibly retained)


Then is Vincek Farm's Simple Elegance.. Ellie is bred to Phoenix Farm Bird Is The Word *B and due April 10th (1st doe reserved 2nd doe possibly retained) *Pictures property of Vincek Farm*


And last, is Goldenbrook Farm OT Gingersnap.. Snappy is due April 12th bred to Phoenix Farm Cowboy UP *B


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You still have over 3 months to go, Skyla! :doh: :lol:
No, she has 2 months and 1 week! :lol:

So did Snap actually settle?
Show me da babies! :)
umm 2 months and 1 week! :p :lol: I get excited! It's like Christmas all over again! :D
No, she has 2 months and 1 week! :lol:

So did Snap actually settle?
So I counted wrong! :roll: A little over 2 months, there, happy? d: Still a pretty long time to wait. ;)
Lacie beat me to it! :lol:

I'm not sure yet Lacie LOL! I'll find out next Sunday... I have fingers and toes crossed and lots of prayer! So, we shall wait and see one more week!
umm 2 months and 1 week! :p :lol: I get excited! It's like Christmas all over again! :D
It's okay, I was just messing with you. :hug: I get excited too. ;)
I have a doe that IS due around Christmas! Wouldn't that just be special if she had them on Christmas? :D
I knew you were Sarah ;) :laugh:

That would be so cool Lacie! :D What a gift that would be! :D
I've got my fingers crossed for you Skyla! I'm pulling the CIDR from Peeps on the 3rd and breeding her on the 4th if all goes according to plan, and I sure hope she settles! If she doesnt, I'll know in 3-5 or 21 days... too far away I tell you!
Thanks Lacie! :)

Oh I know! Trust me I know! LOL!
Here are some pics :)

Mazie :)
I will have to get a side shot soon.. She is also really deep! I'm thinking twins, *maybe* trips.. We'll see.. When her udder starts coming in I very well could change my mind lol!


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Brookie :)
Thinking twins or trips for her too :) she is also very deep :) last year she was slim and trim :) lol!


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And last for now is Puffy :) I'm thinking Trips again for her :)


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Pretty girls! Hoping I can get my does settled :)
Thanks :)
I hope yours settle too! :pray:
Jeez, why can't I ever get trips commonly! I love getting trips!! :)
Because you don't have Nigerians ;)
Our first year we had two does and they both had trips as FFs! The next year one had twins and one quads, then last year (one didn't settle :p) and I got twins, trips from Puff, and my two FFs had singles.. I blame it on lot flushing last year lol!
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