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Last year @GoatScout started a kidding tally thread that was a lot of fun and got really exciting as the kidding began.
I thought that we could do it again this year.

Here's how it works: Per last years thread:
" Last year we had a thread for all of the 2018 kids born, which was so much fun I wanted to try and start one for all of the 2019 kids! (Even if you have your own personal kidding thread)
Post pictures, birth date, number and gender of kids as they are born. You can post as many pictures as you want.
"edit this post each time someone adds their kids, so that you can see the total number of bucklings/doelings born right here.
(for example)
So far (as of March 19th, 2019)
Doelings: 111
Bucklings: 117"

Here's the link from last year:

Let the tally begin and Happy Kidding :)

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I wish I could come up with names so quickly! I have yet to name my fall babies and I needed to get them registered yesterday. LOL.

So far it looks like a buckling year for us. Ruby gave birth to three bucks, Storm gave us our only two does thus far, and just yesterday (day before? What day is it? LOL!) Square Dancer gave us two bucks and this morning Stella gave us two more bucks! I'll have to start remembering to take my good camera out to the barn.
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Bucklings: 10
Doelings: 3

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Robin went Jan. 18th had 1 boy and 1 girl
Grass Rabbit Wood Winter Soil

Mary went Jan. 19th had 1 boy and 1 girl
Vertebrate Sky Dog breed Mammal Grass

Lyla went Jan. 20th had 2 boys 1 girl
Fawn Terrestrial animal Snout Livestock Grass

Oreo went Jan. 21st had 2 girls and 1 boy
Felidae Fawn Comfort Carnivore Whiskers
Vertebrate Mammal Liver Fawn Wood

Nora went 21st had 2 boys
Brown Bird Beak Wood Feather


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