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    I agree. I know being sensitive to your property being yours is a natural instinct, but if you want some one to work in your home or office you gotta have a little faith.
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    Oct 17, 2020
    Oh gosh I wish I could have just slept threw this year.
    So long stories short. The end of ‘19 my son broke his arm. It was a week of stress not knowing if he would need surgery or not. New Years they rebroke his arm and put another cast on but he didn’t need surgery.
    My husband got a “partner” for his side job and neither one of them understood the whole tax thing so the partner made a lot of money and we lost our tax return.
    With the covid and the tax thing I sold half my goats.
    Then doctors thought my mom had bladder cancer. Nothing with the doctors is ever fast so that was 8 weeks of not knowing, but turns out she is ok.
    I tried to kill my daughter in June I think it was when we were vaccinating cows and a pipe broke and flew and hit her in the chest when I had her helping me. She ended up on the ground out cold convulsing. After a night in the ER she was fine but I thought it had stopped her heart or broke her chest.
    Then my dad hit his head on a trailer one day. He was very agitated that day and the next. He drove 8 hours to their other place and my mom called and said she thinks he had a stroke. I told her get him to the ER now! He went and turns out he has AVM and when he hit his head he probably got a small bleed but was not currently bleeding. They put him on meds and he had his check up dr appointment yesterday and it’s not getting better so probably brain surgery.
    My mom and dad has just left the ER when she mom got a call that my uncle (who has bone cancer) has the covid and they have to put him in a coma. He won’t make it so talk to him on the phone before we do it. In the end he did make it but he has a lot of lung damage and now has I believe it’s called cushings disease from the meds he is on.
    Then summer really hit and a fire broke out. Went throw our range in the Forrest. My parents hauled as many cows as they could to one area that was all rock because it is a 3 hour drive home and only had my trailer which could haul 3 pair at a time. Well some how THAT was the worse place to haul them and it burned the hottest there. We finally got enough snow that we are calling it. Out of 113 pair we brought home 38.
    In the middle of the fire, my favorite goat Xena went down. I had to put her down. Then my one jersey Swiper went down. I bought her with a bum leg so thought that was the issue. The next day my other Jersey Karen went down. I went to get a hip lift from my friend, forgot to lock my dads puppy up before I left. He killed our favorite little doe kid princess. Long story short on the jerseys the one with the bum leg is fine, Karen got a wild hair up her butt one night and went up a hill to get acorns and fell down with her head down hill and died. Then Hush the Holstein my parents literally went into the fire to save I think had too much lung damage and she died. So 2 out of 3 of my favorites died.
    Now I find almost half my does are open, although I’m not giving up hope and going to ultrasound them again next week. And last night my calf that was born in the middle of the fire and I have been nursing along died.
    So pretty much at this point I’m just taking the punches but this has been the WORSE year for me ever. I would say it will be better next year but I’m not jinxing anything. Because as bad as it was I know it could have been way worse.

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    Jun 18, 2020
    Sounds like a very rough year...
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    I'm so sorry for all of the hardships everyone has faced :( If in December of last year you had told me we'd get hit hard with the virus and the lockdowns, etc. I would have said no way, not here!

    Honestly, things turned bad for my family in Dec 2019, and just keeps spiraling out of control.
    My step nephew committed suicide.... he struggled for years with depression, and just when everyone thought he was doing much better.... He had just turned 15 :'(
    About 2 weeks later my sister in law told me she was having some issues and they thought she had cancer. January she found out she actually had Leukemia.
    She seemed to be doing well, Bone marrow transplant from her son this summer, was doing good, then the last few months she's been going downhill and is currently in the hospital and they can't figure out what is going on. Vitals and all are good, but she's having issues they think could be some kind of virus that they can't pinpoint (memory loss, slurred speech, sometimes not responsive, forgets who she is/where she is/etc.). My brother can't visit her because of hospital restrictions.
    Oh... and my nephew had Covid weeks ago! But thankfully she nor my brother got it which is a miracle honestly.

    Add in losing our beloved neighbor to cancer at the start of the pandemic in March, then my beloved uncle passed away from a rare liver cancer in May.

    As far as goats go, we've had a pretty good year, but I hold my breath until 12/31/20 at 11:59pm lol.
    We had a really nice kid crop earlier this year. Our last kids were born in May, and next kids are due the last few days of next month, so yep... won't say it's been a good year with goats until 11:59pm lol
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    Jun 18, 2020
    Same! Last year I was having fun with my dad and playing with the goats, I didn't know I'd lose them all within a span of a few months..
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    Apr 22, 2018
    2020 is hard, has been hard on many of us in varying ways. I have someone elses bad calls on inbreeding kill a good doe. Ive had dogs kill a few of my goats. I had a young buckling get injured ( show goat) that can just now walk decent. But he didnt die in 10 days like the Vet said. Ive had to end my practice due to covid and the health strain on my family. Im retiring in a very unstable economy..and adjusting to this new life. Im raising goats and helping others all I can.
    2020 has used alot of us like a baseball hitting the ball. But Im still standing. Im still working with life and helping others realize theyve been hit...but they are Still Standing! What doesnt kill us...makes US STRONGER! So 2021 will bring us another challenge..lets see what we can do together to get through it. :bighug:(highfive)
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    Apr 19, 2010
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    I really am so sorry about your Dad and your goats :( I was able to reread through some of these posts, I missed that it was your birthday! I know it's been a crummy year, but Happy Birthday! Make the best of it and make your Dad proud :)
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    Jessica - OMG I am so sorry, I am just getting a chance to really read the replies and while I know a lot has been happening your way, I didn't realize just how much :( Praying everything gets better for you. Why must our favorites be a target for such bad things?
    I sure hope your Dad will be okay, that is so scary, but hopefully if he has to have surgery it will be minor?
    My Dad has a swollen kidney that they can't figure out what is causing it. He has no pain, no blockage, but I do think he isn't telling us everything.

    I am very sorry about your goats, I had no idea you had lost some! Then your job and needing to retire early. I agree, it's very scary right now. We've gotten by with one regular income over the years, but with my son's tuition, trying to get ready to finish the new barn, and holidays, the strain is definitely on us. My son is working very little and had decided he was going to paint his car, so it's all taken apart and he has to get into his savings in order to try and get it finished (why my husband agreed to this project is beyond me!). I'm hopeful my son can find another job soon, or at least a 2nd part time job.

    I am supposed to start a job any day now, nothing exciting, but I do worry about the virus and bringing it home. I haven't worked a regular paying job since 2006, so it will be strange. Thankfully, my arm is much better, no where near 100%, but I definitely feel I can do the job without any issues :) I'm also hopeful our son's tuition will go down next semester as he will have 2 less classes.
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    To all of you, I salute you all. Tge
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    Ugh cellphones. Let's try that again.

    To all of you, I salute you. The strength each one has displayed and the support given to others even while you yourself is battling. Here is to you. Let us all ride into 2021 better people. Love ya all
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    Just the highlights I think.
    Feb. Angie's quads
    March. Frankie's triplets I had covid when they were born and 1 doeling was trampled.
    She was brought in beside my bed so I could nurse her while my grandson did his best to nurse me. I had a mini stroke and survived, the doeling is blind in one eye and survived.
    April lockdown and recovery
    June hookworms

    August. Fires. The police arrested 3 people who were setting fires. They set 53 in 1 day.
    We never had to battle big flames but, the smoke was not good.
    We lost Angie and 2 of her doelings, 1 of Frankie's daughters, my yearling toggenburg, and Dexter's yearling son.
    The goats that survived seemed to have avoided getting major lung damage. The difference, I believe is that this group spent days laying down and breathing through the grass.

    I still have Franky and Destiny, her half blind daughter. One of Angie's daughters. My toggenburg bottle kid. Silver, the buck I bought last fall and Jax the wether.
    The 2 milk bred lambs survived, the white one, Millie, has some lung damage.

    DH spent most of the summer locked down in an Alaskan village. He's here now and able to help some.

    Life goes on
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    Jun 18, 2020
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    My 2020 gifts

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Wow..2020 has been such a challenge for everyone. Such strength in you all. My year has been mild in comparison.
    For me, My daughter and her family moved back from Alaska..yahooo..she had a second baby. A boy then Hubs job took them all back to Alaska two months later ..sad day.
    I got really sick..im stubborn so try to fix myself to no avail....finally went to the drs and found out to be diabetic! Ha..me ..miss eat healthy!! My dr scolded me for taking so long to see her. Said I was lucky not to be in a diabetic coma. Neuropathy in my feet is horrible but the proximol neuropathy keeps me cringing. Things are slowly getting better..sugar is coming down and working on the diabetic related high BP. Im doing it with no medication which is slow going. Lost nearly 50 pounds and lots of muscle and strength..working on rebuilding muscle and strength. Reduced my herd size to better manage them. Still takes me all day to trim hooves with my 14 yr old sons help (hes a fast learner and huge help)
    I published a book in January
    had Two graduations
    My daughter graduated police academy with high honors and is now serving an area city.
    My son graduates with his PHD and now a professor at a Dallas university.
    So some good and not so good but it's almost over and lots of promise in our future
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    Jun 18, 2020
    It's late but congrats on your newest grandbaby!
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    Sep 12, 2010
    Gustine Texas
    Thank you ..hes a doll
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    My year was okay until yesterday. Strange, but okay.

    COVID did not affect me or my job much. It cancelled a big convention in May that I've been going to annually for 15 years, which was a bummer, but understandable.

    I'd bred all my does so I could participate in LA and milk testing. LA was cancelled due to COVID. Milk testing is taking a lot out of me (usually I am a once a day milker, but have kept them at twice a day for testing) but some of my does are doing well. So it's not a total loss, although I had a buck heavy year so only kept 2 doelings out of 18 kids.

    We had a couple of our cats die unexpectedly this year, which was heartbreaking because I'm very attached to the cats. But I had the chance to buy some new goats I was excited about, so things weren't all bad.

    Yesterday, my dad died. It was a heart attack and no one saw it coming. He was 75. I am 32 but I live at home with my parents, so we are close. I've never experienced the loss of a close family member besides elderly grandparents. Everything is so surreal now. So here I am sitting around in the middle of the day on a goat forum, lol.
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    You published a book? May I ask what it is?