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3 day old kid.. Bug(s) that I should be concerned with??

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December 21rst I was given a 24 hour old Buck kid because his Mom would have nothing to do with him he has been doing great no issues just a happy little guy. Yesterday I called the people I got the buck kid from to check on a doe kid that were having issues with. The mom would kick it when it tried to nurse and would not stand still so they were having to tie her up so the baby would nurse. Which they were having little luck with. She would Urinate and Poop on the baby when it was laying down. I actually think the mother they stuck this baby with was not its mom. So I brought her home and had to give her a bath since she was a filthy mess and it has been so cold here they are living in a tote in my bathroom. I used warm water and baby shampoo and we used the blow dryer on her to her good and dry.

This morning while feeding her I saw a very small light brown/tan bug (the size of a small flea but not a flea) crawling on the top of her hair. I got him off and killed him I started looking in her hair and on her skin the best I could and I did not see anything else. I am freaked out because I don't want her to get any issues with bugs or the other one that is living with her. As well as myself or my dogs. I have only seen her itching her ears and no other signs. I have OCD to the extreme so of course I feel like I am about to itch myself to death.

The living conditions were decent but not Great that they came from. The people said they have the goats fecal tested on the farm and if they see anything than they worm them and they do not vaccinate. I also, asked if they ever had issues with fleas, mites, or lice and they said no. I brought her home in a small dog crate that was plastic that I use for my cats it had a potty pad in it from a few weeks ago. But the potty pad was clean. I am new to the bottle babies as well as them living in the house... I just want to do right by these kids.

Also, this female it not wanting to take a bottle and will only chew on a nipple. I have tried several and been told to cut it open a little more...

Thanks to everyone and Merry Christmas..
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Lice are tannish colored....they look similar to sesame seeds to me. Not sure what would be best on such a young kid, but I use Python dust.
Oh, as for the bottle...people say to put a bit of honey on it...

This thing was super tiny. They aren't itching at all. As well I combed thru her coat and saw nothing. If I just saw one could it be a fluke? Can I get the lice or my dogs, my one dog is on chemo.

Thanks for your help!
It might be just that one, but I would suggest dusting her and him with the powder that nygoatmom mentioned.

Also, pritchered teat nipples, red nipple yellow (cap), are great for goat kids. Yes you can put honey or molasses on your finger, then one she starts the sucking motion, the switch to the nipple (put a little honey or molasses on the nipple, and she will most likely continue to suck:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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