3 day old with hard poop

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by liz, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Binkeys 2 babies are doing well...energetic and playing, eating well. The little boy I noticed cries out when he poops, at 3 days old it's normal color but the consistency is like hard little seeds...baby berries but hard. The doeling has yellow baby berries but doesn't cry out when she goes...Both had very good appetites and got a good deal of colostrum, I obviously don't want to see him constipated and don't want to give him diarrhea either...it does come out,it's just hard. Binkey has fresh warm water at 4 am, 2 30 pm and again at 8 or 9 pm...she's fed alfalfa hay, 16% sweet feed with added "goat balancer" pellets...similar to calf manna, twice a day so since all these babies are eating now is mom's milk..is there anything I can give mom that might help soften the baby's poop?
  2. I had one do that last year?? Wierd. It cleared up on it's own and was normal after about a week. Meaning he didn't cry when he went potty anymore. :shrug:

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    I had a kid with a similar problem. turned out it was a slightly obstructed rectum. He would have to push extra hard to relieve himself. The feces were then compacted just inside his rectum and when he was finally able to push hard enoguh to get them out he was in visible pain. I lubed up my little finger and pushed it inside through his rectum to stretch it out, actually ripped it open slightly because it was not fully opened from birth. He was extremely Not Happy, but He made a full recovery....My vet actually suggested this , I can't take the credit.
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    I'll see if he's doing the same tomorrow, if so then I may "investigate" the cause.
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    Give him a cc of karo syrup, works wonders :)

    I had a girl I had to do this with for about 2 weeks, now she is norrmal without the karo syrup.

    If once a day doesn't work try 3 times a day or twice a day
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    Thanks Ashley! Will try that!