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We have decided to get out of Saanens so that we can concentrate more on our LaManchas and Oberhasli. These girls come from great milking and show lines, and are really nice does. Val peaked at 9lbs a day as a first freshener last year, and is giving about 7 lbs a day milking through. Her two yearling daughters are slightly percocious(sp?)

Singing-Spruce Gold Valerie:
Sire: *B Singing-Spruce Gold Doubloon
SS: +*B Lake-Country Romantic Soverain(dam appraised 93EEEE)
SD: GCH Rollingstone Prophet Celeste 1*M Top Ten Doe
Dam: Singing-Spruce Pagan Viviana
DS: *B Tradewinds Pagan Victory
DD: SG Singing-Spruce Amps Vivica 5*M LA 87VEEV, Top Ten Doe, Elite Doe
Both of Val's granddams were Top Ten does, and she has a very nice udder, high and wide in the rear, her teat placement is a little wide but she is easy to milk. She is $300

Sandy Lane SSP Violet and Sandy Lane SSP Victoria:
Sire: *B Singing-Spruce Pagan Phoenix
SS: *B Tradewinds Pagan Victory
SD: GCH Singing-Spruce Sun Paragon 5*M LA 90EVEE
Dam: Singing-Spruce Gold Valerie
DS: *B Singing-Spruce Gold Doubloon
DD: Singing-Spruce Pagan Viviana
These girls are really nice sized yearlings, very long, tall and dairy. I am asking $250 a piece for them.

You can take all for $700

We are located in Northern IL, and you can contact me at [email protected]
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