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4 day old w/ swollen Ear

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I have 3 day old kid when has had a scratch on his ear. Tonight the ear is swollen and crinkled a bit where it wasn't at all this morning. I am obviously worried about infection. He is acting just fine, bouncing and nursing like normal. Mom was given a CD &T plus tetanus at 30 days before kidding. I do also worry about tetanus just because I'm a paranoid person. I am wondering what to give little man as he is so young and probably about 5 pounds now. This is a Nigerian dwarf buckling. I have LA 200 and also have Penicillin. What should I use incase of infection and about how much should I dose? Pictures taken 2 days before it started to swell. The other thing I worry about is frost bite but it is not in the typical fashion. The swelling is along the cut and the outter edges are NOT swollen.
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Just iodine, the scab is dry currently and not weeping. My neighbor thinks frostbite but usually the outter edges are swollen more than the interior. I do worry for the ear. Everyone else is telling me to wait til it's gunky before any further treatment. I can tell it bothers him. He tries to itch it with his rear foot. Aside from the scab and inflammation you never know anything was a miss. He eats and plays and no pus or wetness. Poor kiddo :(
I'll try these out today. I just came back in from checking my close mommas. Sounds goofy but it's almost like an ice pack out there currently......-6 yuck! The kids aren't even shivering! They have 2 lamps but still. Brrrr
So we did start penicillin procane. His ear last night when I was cleaning it started oozing and I could smell it :( poor baby. I hope we can save his ear.
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