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4 girls due on Sunday 11/24

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Three of the four are first timers. Excited to see what they produce!

Mema - coming 4 yr old who has produced some great kids the last 2 years. AABG Maestro daughter bred to George (Goofy son). I think she has twins.

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Meme - coming 2 yr old, Mema's daughter by RRD Pick A Number bred to George (Goofy son). :) Looks like a single for her.

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Nosey - coming 2 yr old. RRD Pick A Number daughter bred to George, my Goofy son. She's huge! Can't really tell because her belly has dropped, but possibly triplets.

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Louise - my favorite little sweet heart. Coming 2 yr old. Mozart daughter bred to RRD Pick A Number. Thinking twins for her too.

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She has 2weeks left tops

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Oh fun. I'd guess twins, but they can surprise you sometimes. :) You have some nice girls.
How do I do threads. I am new to this. Yes the tips of her ears are white no frost bite. She had twins last yr. The spoted one is her daughter.
I would go to the section called "waiting room" and click the button called "new thread". Then write what you want to, add the pictures and click publish! That should work I think...? :)
So the little runt of the triplets born yesterday, the Buck, was in the middle of the pen this morning. Away from the heater house and freezing! He was barely breathing and his heartbeat was faint. Got him in the house and in a warm bath. Once his mouth started to warm, I wrapped him in a towel and put a warm blow drier in him.

When his heartbeat was strong and breathing was somewhat normal, I tubed him with an ounce of quick start (contains all essential vit, including b12, electrolytes, etc. After half an hour, he started making noises and moving around a bit. I then tubed 1 oz of moms colostrum.

About 5 min after, he had a seizure. Now he's kind of chewing on his saliva, making noise and shivering. Kind of acts like he's trying to get up.

Anyone know of anything else I should be doing? He's now on a hearing pad wrapped in a towel.
Oh dear... so sorry that happened Wendi. :( Sounds like you've done a great job trying to save him. Those little stinkers sure are good at escaping. I don't know what else you could try...
The only thing I can think of would be Dextrose to "feed" his brain. I use it with kids in this situation - 30 cc's of Dextrose mixed with 30 cc's of very warm water and tube. It brings them around pretty quickly.
Thank you both. He's still trembly but has tried to get up and sucked on my finger, so I'm getting more colostrum to see if he'll take a bottle.

He's not even a day old. Can his system handle dextrose as well? I've never done that and I don't want to shock his little body. He's in a fragile state right now.
Here's a pic of the little man resting...

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Make sure his temp is at least at 100 or better yet 101 before putting anything more into him. It is critical for rumen function that his temp is normal. I would make him a bottle baby too.
He is adorable.

Yes, get his temp and as mentioned, make sure he is at minimum 100 degree's before feeding.

What is his temp now?
His temp is very low...88.9. This is way warmer than when I brought him in this morning. So hopefully I can get it up to normal.
He keeps having convulsions. Poor little guy. I assume it's from the milk I've given him. :( ???
That isn't good. Just keep working on getting his temp up.
Temp up to 91.4 getting closer.
Keep up the good work... he is so cute. He looks really tiny, do you know what he weighs?
Temp is now 96. Still having a few seizures though.
This is going to be a rough go. At this point you need to get that temp up. No food until then.
Temp is up to 98.6
Keep up the good work... he is so cute. He looks really tiny, do you know what he weighs?
He is tiny! Maybe 2 lbs??? He was perfectly healthy yesterday when he was born at 11 am all the way through last night at 3am. This morning at 6:30 he was flat out in the middle of the pen and nearly dead. I'm wondering if mom laid on him or stepped on him. Just not sure. :/
Oh goodness.... he is tiny! Come on little guy, hang in there!
Temp up to 100.4 and he urinated.
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