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4 girls due on Sunday 11/24

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Three of the four are first timers. Excited to see what they produce!

Mema - coming 4 yr old who has produced some great kids the last 2 years. AABG Maestro daughter bred to George (Goofy son). I think she has twins.

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Meme - coming 2 yr old, Mema's daughter by RRD Pick A Number bred to George (Goofy son). :) Looks like a single for her.

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Nosey - coming 2 yr old. RRD Pick A Number daughter bred to George, my Goofy son. She's huge! Can't really tell because her belly has dropped, but possibly triplets.

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Louise - my favorite little sweet heart. Coming 2 yr old. Mozart daughter bred to RRD Pick A Number. Thinking twins for her too.

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This is good. Get him up to 101 before giving anything. Just give him an ounce and a half or so. Small feedings. If you still have colostrum, I would give him that just because there is a lot of good things in it for energy. He will no longer get any antibody protection but since he nursed from mom, he should be ok there. But the colostrum has a lot of extra stuff in it that is really good for them beyond just the antibodies.
That's a good sign. He can have some B complex to help his nerve function and get his blood circulating. About 1/4 cc should do for him. My vet has me giving B complex to any kids who are weak or small.
Awesome, great job. :)
Good work
Thank you both. He's still trembly but has tried to get up and sucked on my finger, so I'm getting more colostrum to see if he'll take a bottle.

He's not even a day old. Can his system handle dextrose as well? I've never done that and I don't want to shock his little body. He's in a fragile state right now.
Dextrose is nothing but a simple sugar that is easily and quickly absorbed. I've used it with a number of kids and never had a problem with it. It is invaluable for 'dummy' kids who have lost the suck instinct due to being cold.
How's your little guy doing?
Well, temp got up to 101.4 and I gave him some vit B. He was kind of kicking his legs around and looked to be in pain. His belly was starting to look full, and since I hadn't given him anything since this morning, I figured his rumen was starting to work on what had been in there all day.

When I moved him to wrap him in a fleshly warmed towel, he seized and died. :(

I think I killed him with kindness by tubing him this morning.

Lessons learned the hard way...
1. Don't feed a cold baby until their temp is up to nearly normal.
2. Don't leave tiny runts in with mama, especially when you plan to bottle feed anyway. I knew this little triplet would have to be a bottle baby as his sisters were 3x his size and there was no way he'd win the fight for food. Just thought I'd leave him in for a day to get mama's colostrum. :( Won't do that again.

Hate learning the hard way, but guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Hope someone else can learn from my mistakes.
Oh, I'm so sorry...I know how much that hurts. You did the best you could at the time, that's all any of us can do.
I'm so sorry you lost him. We have all learned some lessons the hard way.
Awww....I'm so sorry you lost the little guy :(
Thanks everyone. Hind sight is always 20/20. Well....on a positive note, I'm looking forward to the next batch of kids in January and watching the 7 healthy kids I have now grow.
I think I killed him with kindness by tubing him this morning.
That is debatable. I've had a few sets of triplets that one kid was only 2 lbs or so, and none of them lived very long. I think kids that small almost always have development issues and it is just a matter of time before something kills them. Given his seizures, I'm thinking his issue was a neurological system that did not develop correctly. Although I've never seen it in kids, I've seen it too many times with preemie calves. At any rate, you did the best you could and that is all you can do. I am so sorry he didn't make it. :(
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