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For our fair this year im doing a project board.
-main idea: Beginner goat care
-points im going to make:
1. buying a goat: auction vs. personal farm, what type of goat is best for you.
2. general goat care: how much to feed, what to feed, worming, vaccinations, hoof care, parasites like lice, ticks, etc., grooming.
3. kidding: what to do/have when she is in labor and the kid is born, what to do with the baby, what to breed your goat with (ex. don't breed a pygmy with a large goat), basically do's and don'ts of breeding.

This project board is going to be a tri-fold, have pictures, and on the points im going to make it will be a quick and to the point summary.
so what are some more points you think I can make? if you would like to answer any of the points that would be great:)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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