4Sale: Unreg Nigerian doe born 6/10 - VA - $125 - SOLD

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    Aug 24, 2009
    We were going to keep this girl as she is a sweetheart. We are only selling her because she is our last unregistered Nigerian. She is disbudded and from a herd that tested CAE/CL/Johnnes free (testing summer 2010 to WADDL).

    Although not the best pictures, here is her unregistered dam (belted cou clair) and also her registered sire (cou blanc):[attachment=1:ia108bnw]Cricket with her dam.JPG[/attachment:ia108bnw]
    Cricket's dam was a first freshener. She had a nicely shapped udder, well-placed and good-sized teats, a good medial division, and she milked out easily. Her capacity was not great, but probably typical of a first freshener.

    [attachment=0:ia108bnw]Cricket's sire.JPG[/attachment:ia108bnw]
    Sorry for the hairy picture, but this was taken late last year. Also, our land is hilly and it's hard to find a level spot, so he is on a bit of a slope.

    Paternal Grandsire: Enchanted Hill Haiku
    Paternal Granddam: Enchanted Hill Field Mouse
    Sire: Enchanted Hill Wood Rat
    Cricket's Sire is West End Farm Huckleberry
    Dam: Alpenglade Farm Marie Claire
    Maternal Granddam: Copper Ridge Victoria
    Maternal Grandsire: NC Promised Land Tur-Beau