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Thank You! No babies yet, but she is in some stage of labor. Willow is a tricky one sometimes. She's been doing the standing around...staring.. attempt to lay down now and then only to pop back up. We divided Ariel's stall into 2 stalls last night and got it all cleaned out and ready, but I decided to put her in the double stall where Mindy/Aspen sleep at night so she has more room to move around.

The others seem to be doing fine. Aspen is due in 3 days and miserable but doing great. She is obsessed with the Stress Dex equine electrolytes and I am not sure how much she can safely have, so I have to ration it out lol The other girls lick on it randomly, but Aspen will clean the feeders, so funny how much she loves it.

Rose and Amara are due on Tuesday, 5 days and are doing good, handling pregnancy well. We'll really have to watch Rose to see how she acts when she goes in labor and when she delivers. Right now she is very 'strange,' if you come near her rear end she jumps around on her back feet like bees are swarming and throws her head around trying to warn you away as she runs off...kind of funny lol but I expect her to be a biter, hopefully nothing beyond that and will calm down after newness of being a mom is over.

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Willow had quads around 4pm! Everyone is doing great so far. I did have to help her with the first 2. The first one was the biggest, breech and no back feet, so I had to go under baby, it was very tight in there with all those critters! but found back feet and pulled her out. She was struggling a bit and lethargic, so I got a shot of Dex and gave that, just as I was giving it #2 was coming head first. So... I had to squeeze by her (no pushing her back in), find a leg and pull her out. She was fine, but gave Dex as a precaution.
#3 doe smaller, and #4 tiny buckling all came normally. It took forever to get them dry and nursed. Thankfully my husband came out as they were ready to start nursing and helped with that as he is truly the goat whisperer at getting babies to nurse lol
I got their stall ready and we moved them into a heating barrel and Willow sucked down 1/2 a bucket of warm molasses water.
We had to do some cleaning, and get everyone fed, water & hay, so after we were done, got babies nursing again, selenium e gel for the littles and gave mom her Bo-Se shot. I waited around and thankfully her placenta came out in a big gush, intact. Cleaned that up and gave mom a dose of Banamine. I promised her the pain from the shot would wear off fast, and she agreed and went to eat some feed and hay. She's sleeping now in front of the barrel with her head resting in the doorway. So sweet.

Tomorrow we will pull 2 babies for the bottle, for now they get colostrum. I need to figure out what we can use to put them in when we bring them in the house. The tray for the large dog crate got broken, besides it's huge and need something not quite that big as they will have to go in my daughter's room and we have carpet.... I was thinking some kind of pack and play/playpen? I thought I'd check the Goodwill in town tomorrow morning.

I showered...felt soooo goood lol. Ordered pizza and talked my son into going to pick that up, we are so hungry. Had to wash my barn clothes, and watching Willow on camera. We'll go out later to put sweaters on the babies and make sure they all nurse. I hope to get pictures too, I barely got anything, and they are lousy lol

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Doe on the right born 1st is the thickest, not sure if she is the biggest. Left is smallest 3rd born, both have capes. The one standing could be the biggest, but not as thick, the picture might be deceiving lol. Time will tell.
Vertebrate Mammal Fawn Grass Terrestrial animal

The thicker/first born doe kid
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The little boy soooo cute! He seriously is a wittle guy!
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Terrible picture, but size comparison next to mom - of course she fell over as I took this lol 1st born.
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2nd born doe, could be the biggest, she came out hungry lol
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Mama watching over her littles
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So glad for the successful induction! I actually was wondering how that was going today while I was out getting chores done!
3 doelings and one buckling isn’t a bad way to start off your season 😉🍀❤

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Thank You! It all went well, but I am definitely exhausted tonight, mostly just trying to figure out what we will do with bottle babies! We have 5 kidding stalls and 5 more does to kid Sun-Sat! I already knew I would need 1 temp stall put up in the back of the barn for whoever kids first to transition to, but now I may need 2 temp stalls... at this point I may just go buy a couple of 'fair pen' type stalls to set up back there...

Willow is trying to convince the babies to come out of their barrel. She sounds horrible (hoarse), but is eating, drinking, and attentive. We'll go out in about an hour and get them out to nurse, put sweaters on and I'll keep an eye on them overnight and make a couple of trips out to make sure they are nursing. It's going to be chilly until Saturday. Low of 20 tonight and high of 28 tomorrow, low 17...ugh. But starting Saturday we'll get back into the 40s/50s.

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Thanks Everyone! So far so good! They are so adorable! We'll pull the 2 smaller ones this afternoon when my daughter gets home and start them on a bottle. I need to get the stuff for the whole milk recipe. I still need to see if I can find a pack and play or something at Goodwill I can use to put them in, but plan to call TSC/pet stores to see if they have replacement trays for the dog crates in case I can't find anything else.
I did trade out their 120 heat lamp for the 250 bulb, something I seldom use. They shouldn't need a heat lamp after it warms up tomorrow, hopefully.

In sad news I did decide to induce Ariel today at about 12:22pm. She just seems to be getting a little weaker, more sunken in, didn't look to be eating any hay overnight and this morning poor girl was shivering from the cold. I drenched her well and my gut told me to check fecal then make the decision. I feel her egg count is climbing again, I checked one side of the slide, several eggs...just looked over the other side and didn't finish the count... I asked my friends on FB for advice if anyone has had kids that early as they will be a week early, so if they are alive and healthy then hopefully the will be strong.
I give 10cc Dex when I induce, which is a hefty, hefty dose, but was either recommended by a vet or a very knowledgeable breeder, anyway, ever since then that is what I use, unless they are only a day or two out then I might just use 5cc depends on why I would induce.

It's been a super busy morning and I am so tired, but need to go make sure everyone nurses and run errands. On top of all of this Aspen is due on Sunday, so I need to keep an eye on her. Rose and Amara are due on Tuesday.

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I had to explain to these gals that they were doing this
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Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate it! I'm exhausted, it was a super busy day. I didn't find anything to use for the babies at the Goodwill and the tray replacement at Petco was $30!
My husband found the tray from the XL crate, it's broken on one side but big enough to work. We put down puppy pads and have some misc little blankets for them to lay on - I keep them just for bottle babies when they are in the house.
Both of the smaller babies are inside and drank really well about an hour ago. They are so cute.

I'm hoping Ariel goes in the afternoon tomorrow, but could be evening. Just praying no earlier as its going to be cold tonight.
Watching Aspen as well since she's due Sunday.
Well...going to attempt a much needed nap, then go do my late night barn check.

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OMG it has been an insane morning. Ariel kidded right around/after 5am. I was not expecting her to go, she did not appear to be anywhere near having babies when I was checking the camera. I woke up thinking, check the camera now and thought I was dreaming when I saw a baby fresh born. I jumped up, got dressed, grabbed a handful of towels still in the dryer from the other day and ran like crazy to the barn. Saw another lifeless baby by the hay feeder, scooped them up and worked on stimulating them both with mama trying to help. We brought them in, gave them each a shot of Dex right away, and used the blow dryer to help get them dry and warm. Worked on lifeless little guy and checked camera, she just popped out a 3rd... my daughter took over baby care, I ran out to scoop that one up, wipe it off while mama got to help a bit, then brought it in and got it dry/warm. I milked her 3x over the morning, taking care of other goats in between. Between me and my daughter I feel we got about 2-3oz syringe fed into them. I took the 2 bigger babies back out to mom about 2 hours ago and she was so happy to see them, she is a first timer and not overly bonded, but is trying. Babies both nursed well, have sweaters on and have a 250 watt heat lamp in their barrel with deep bedding. We're checking them constantly to ensure they stay warm and make sure if they come out they go back in afterwards so mom doesn't accidentally lay on them.

ASPEN is in labor and not sure how close she is. I had a feeling last night she was going to go today as she was really miserable and didn't want to lay down. She ate breakfast though lol. I let her out of her double stall for a while, but went ahead and put her back in so she kids in there. I am just finally finishing up eating something and it's 1:30pm.
My son ran to the feed store to get the Valbazen that came in and some feed/alfalfa pellets for me since I wasn't able to sneak away to do it this morning. I really thought Ariel would wait until afternoon.

Ariel yesterday afternoon at feeding time, she looked so tiny for triplets... I was expecting twins. She's still not eating feed, but did nibble yesterday afternoon and this morning.
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Guarding her towels. I left the towels I used to clean babies off with where she kidded, she stayed right there only leaving for a brief moment to nibble feed and drink a little water. When I brought babies back out I put them right there for her hoping that might help her bond with them. I don't usually have to bring babies in/take them away from mom like that..
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Reintroducing them
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Aspen earlier stayed in the corner until I moved her to the stall.
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Mindy cracks me up when she eats
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Babies in my clothes basket
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