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My wife and I took our goats on an 8 day backpack trip to the Seven Devils at the end of July. We hit the flower season perfectly and the scenery was beyond description. As our goats were only 6 months old they got off easy, tagging along with us while we humans carried all the heavy stuff!

As I'm sure many of you know, we got a lot of interest from other hikers when we encountered them on the trail. A few people were aware that goats could be used for packing, but most expressed surprise and even confusion (several people even mistook them for wild mountain goats!! LOL!)

For those of you not familiar with the Seven Devils, it is a very scenic wilderness area in north-central Idaho that allows goat packing. Here are some photos of our trip.

[attachment=4:2a3k6ef4]Seven Devils 2011 FB1.jpg[/attachment:2a3k6ef4]
At the trailhead

[attachment=3:2a3k6ef4]Seven Devils 2011 FB2.jpg[/attachment:2a3k6ef4]
There was still snow in some parts of the trail, making for tricky crossing

[attachment=2:2a3k6ef4]Seven Devils 2011 FB3.JPG[/attachment:2a3k6ef4]
The scenery was amazing. The goats were in heaven with all the great browse.

[attachment=1:2a3k6ef4]Seven Devils 2011 FB5.jpg[/attachment:2a3k6ef4]
We had to be part goat ourselves to find a campsite some days!

[attachment=0:2a3k6ef4]Seven Devils 2011 FB6.jpg[/attachment:2a3k6ef4]
Remington, our red heeler, carried her own food


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