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8 week old with runny stool

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Hello I have an 8 week almost 9 week old with off and on runny stool. She is still on 2 bottles a day 10oz each. I noticed she has runny and also clumpy stool. She was given toltrazuril at 4 weeks. She has been grazing along with eating grain. Not sure if she has worms but everyone else is fine. What is a safe dewormer for her age? I gave her probios yesterday.
Thank you
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What color poops? Hows her famacha? Is she acting well other wise?
Start with b complex and probiotics. Have a fecal done if you can ...
If dewormer is needed Valbazen is good oral treatment. 1 cc per 10 pounds.
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Start with a fecal. It should give you answers. Another thought would be coccidia and if you have dealt with it on your farm. We do Toltrazuril every 3-4 weeks while they are young as a prevention.
She's acting normal and poop is a dark green color. Haven't checked famancha yet but will. We have never had or delt with coccidia.
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Fecal is good to do for cocci and worms.

Green may be dietary.
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