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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by dixiegirl3179, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Jan 20, 2010
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    ok..first question..

    I have 3 bottle babies. 2 pygmy doelings that turned a month old yesterday (born 2/4) and a nigerian buckling that will be a month old on the 8th (born 2/8). They are nibbling on hay and grass/weeds and I've caught them munching on the pelleted goat feed a little bit. I just give them coastal hay and the pellets are regular old goat feed (southern states I believe) that I buy for my older goats. Is there something different I should be giving them to encourage them to eat more solids? I want to have them weaned by 8 weeks. I read something in Storeys guide to raising dairy goats about feeding calf starter. Someone I know who used to breed goats said she fed all stock sweet feed. Should I get them some alfalfa hay? I don't want to wean them earlier than is healthy for them, but I don't want to bottle feed any longer than I have to. It's a lot of work and I definitely won't be doing it again unless I have to lol. My babies will be raised on their Mamas.

    Other question..when are they old enough to put in with the other goats? The others are all small (nigerian buck, 2 nigerian cross does). The fence is electric and is reading 1000v. It's enough of a shock to make the older goats hollar and it's been killing wildlife. We've found several dead birds on it and a dead squirrel. Is this too much shock for the little ones? I guess I'll wait til after they're weaned so that they are more easily accessible for bottle feeding. I hope that they're big enough by then. Ok..that's it for now.

    Thanks ya'll.
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    You could give them a little sweet feed mixed in but if you give them all sweet feed that is all they are going to want to eat later....been there!
    As for when to put them in with the other goats....it reallt depends after they are weanded they ahould be fine just watch to see that the other goats aren't to aggressve with them. Also, before they get much older seperate the buckling from the doelings...

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    Ditto Sara!

    I also will give kids Calf Manna, they thrive on it and I just use a little in the regular goat feed for them.
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    ALFALFA! goats in the wild don't eat grain, I start giving my bottle kids free choice alfalfa at a week old, and super minimal grain ( 4 way feed with calf manna mixed in) like a 1/4 to a 1/2 a cup until its eaten.. hay is a big big factor in rumen development, and alfalfa gives them added nutrients that are lower in other hays ( i feed a mix of rye and bermuda along with straight alfalfa.)
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    Yes Liz...Calf Mana! I also use Goat Developer 18% with Rumensin by Kent Feeds free choice. Alfalfa free choice is also good. Wean them gradually and make sure they have had their series of CD/T shots.