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    I have a doe kid who is almost a month, she is acting normal, had a fecal done she doesnt have any overload of anything she plays she jumps her membranes are a good color but she has runny green poop. For the most part she is a good eater, but i have to fight her to do it. It has been like this sinse she was born, once she is on she eats but then leaves and comes back. Its like she has ADHD and is getting distracted. I also still have to pry her mouth open. You think by now she would have the idea of putting the nipple in her own mouth but no its like feeding a new baby.
    any ideas?
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    Nov 12, 2007
    You could try some scour halt and see if that helps...Wish I could be of more help.

  3. sweetgoats

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    Oct 18, 2007
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    What are you feeding her in the bottle? Depending on the answer to that COULD help with the green poops.
    Also, maybe she is not quite hungry enough to eat all her meal. Maybe have her hold off just a bit to see if that will help.
    Sounds like it is really fun around there come feeding time. I bet you have to hold yourself back form laughing every time she goes off. :ROFL: :slapfloor:

    It is so hard to mad at those cute little boogers.
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    they eat off a lamb bar, its just milk from mom. I dont pasturize sinse i tested negative for cae and all that. i feel raw milk is healthier for them.
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    E Coli would not show on a fecal- does she have a temperature? Is it her mom's milk or just all the babies on a mixed batch? Could someone have a subclinical mastitis case that is making the milk taste off? Could the be something in the lamb bar that tastes bad to her? If there are other kids on the lamb bar and they don't have a problem, that would resolve that.
    These are only random thoughts about reasons for not eating well. I have no idea if any might apply.
  6. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    the mixture may just be to rich for her. :shrug:
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    there is a mix of two different does milk. There are four other kids eating the same milk with no problem. tonight i really had to fight her to get her to eat. I would just leave her but i hate letting her go hungry all night sinse she hadnt eaten sines three this afternoon. when i try to get her to go to it she pulls back and cries and as soon as i let her go she goes and plays. when i actually get her on the bucket she acts like she hasnt eaten in days for a few minutes and then its back to playing. She never gets a full tummy like all the other kids. My kids that are three days old are eating more then her. she has always been a bit smaller then her twin brother but she is really falling behind in growth now. He weighs about fifteen lbs and she is only twelve, not much weight gain considery she is nearly a month and when she was born she was seven lbs.
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    Oct 9, 2007
    We had one retarded bottle baby last year, took us a while to figure out, he would nurse, but not suck. We then squeezed teh plastic pop bottle for him. (we use the lambar nipples on a 20 oz pepsi bottle.) Maybe she is hungry and wants to eat, but frustrated because she is not getting it because she doesn't suck?? I would say try an actual bottle with her until she is better. Not sure about the runs, but she will need fluids to stay hydrated. When the calves were bad a few years ago we had to totally stop the milk for a day or so, and just give them that stuff in a packet in a bottle of water. (so sorry, I cannot remember the name of that stuff, sure someone knows what I am talking about though..)
    Hope you get it figured out soon, SO frustrating I know. :) hugs.
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    Stacey what do you mean by too rich? I didnt know straight goat milk could be too rich for a goat....
    AS for the bottle, she is the same way with the bottle. I made her got twelve hours last week between bottles to get her really hungry and again i had to pry her mouth open, no matter how hungry she gets she just doesnt seem interested in eating.
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    I was just doing some reading about e coli, and it said that the kid willa ct down and listless, they may go blind and it usually happens within two days of birth...this doesnt sound like my kid at all. The only thing that is a symptom of e coli that she is having is the yellowy runny poop. Other then that she is acting perfectly normal. I just had them out of the pen and she was bouncing all over the place....
  11. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    sorry I was forgetting you were using goats milk and not replacer.

    As to ecoli - I do think that is a possibility. blindness doesn't happen in all clases
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    So we did a fecal, everything is normal. Her poop is normal again. Normal color and consistancy. But she still fights me when i try to get her to eat. Tilly will eat about one good meal a day the other three meals she plays and takes a few sips and then does her ADHD thing. She seems to be gaingin weight and growing fine. She is eating hay and grain good. And picks at stuff in the pasture. She will be a month on saturday.
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    Mar 2, 2008
    Ok, so I know absolutely nothing about this topic but just have an 'inquiring mind wants to know thought'.... someone, I think on here on another post, said that their baby goat wasn't eating well and then accidentally saw the kid nursing on a donkey! Is there anyway that your little girl is nursing on some other momma??
  14. sparks879

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    no she never nursed on a doe and i dont think she even knows how to. She is in a pen with three other kids, two her age and one a week old (two of which are bucks) there are two soon to be dry yearlings in the pen with her as well. Late kids from last year small june and july kids. Who keep getting out through the hay feeder and acting like big babies. So they get put in with the babies. The pen does ajoin the doe pen but there is a five foot chainlink fence and two strands of hotwire on the big doe side.