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    I was taking pics of a doe kid we will eventually be pushing to sell, and decided to attempt some sunset pics. Technically with all the trees you can't get pretty sunsets, but why not some sun glare with goats? lol

    Willow, my daughters favorite doe hopefully is bred to kid for the first time end of Dec. We had a doe come back in heat the other day so I told my husband we are doing blood tests next week - fingers crossed the 4 who are supposed to be bred are so and not just fatties.



    Mindy - my baby. She was just bred a couple of days ago for March babies. She is our smallest adult doe, getting ready to turn 3 next year, was a tiny triplet runt that we bottle raised and she owns the place. She is currently miss gate Houdini, which is hilarious in a way. I was watching out the window this morning while making breakfast - kids were finishing feeding goats, and Mindy opened the gate and let herself out. She ran to the barn, is stubborn, can't chase her out, she won't move (spoiled brat lol), so my daughter grabs a horn and has to drag her back to the pen lol. She kidded for the first time in January and had the best growing rates in her kids, praying she has another nice set of kids, would love to be able to keep a doe kid from her next year! I absolutely didn't want to sell her doe kid this year, but with too many projects, we decided not to retain any kids.


    Here's a video of Mindy attempting to escape when we put her by the buck a week and a half ago! prior to this video I was feeding, doing hay, water, etc. in their pen turned around and her and the other doe had escaped... Mindy had opened the gate lol! (Don't mind the gate, it is temporary in place as we are working on new barn/setup).

    If Jazzy isn't bred for Dec kids, she is going on a MAJOR diet lol Can't see it in the pics, but she is WIDE - naturally big belly, but wow....huge now lol


    Nobody else would really pose for pics, but I got some of the dog!

    She will not look at the camera, this series is in the exact order they came out of the camera - I had her ball in one hand, camera in the other and was bribing her while saying 'Cheese, yummy!' So this is her 'I want to play now and eat cheese' faces haha!

    Finally a pose!

    Natural pose!

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    Great photography - and beautiful animals. Mine are blurry pictures of my thumb.
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    Loved her opening the gate! They are so ornery! Just love watching them figure things out!
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    A pic thread, yeah! By HoosierShadow, double yeah! Your pictures always look so nice. Nice peaceful pictures to me. Can see the first one up on my wall, lol. I love too how the full red doe in with Mindy looked at Mindy as Mindy was walking away like, "Hey, aren't you going to finish opening the gate for me?"