A few Q's about Jasper

Discussion in 'Kidding Koral' started by magilacudy, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. magilacudy

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    Mar 18, 2009
    So Jasper is a month old, ( I was told 1-2 weeks but my gut told me better) I brought him today to get his horns done.For 3 days now I've been doing the bottle feedings, which he doesn't accept willingly but i expected this because it took me a good week almost 2 to get the girls really going. Every 4 hours I get him to take 4 ounces. He eats the hay and I've seen him drink water. What I am most concerned with is he is a very very calm goat. I have sat with him laying on my lap for over an hour. I can swing in the hammock and he lays across my chest. If I move he moves in closer and puts his head under my neck. i was a little concerned with how laid back he was, then when I brought him to my friends today for horns he even said he had never seen such a calm kid. But he said he looks good. Now when I bring him in for supervised play with the girls, he'll run and romp and butt heads with them. Am I just lucky, or should I be worried?

    Also a few times the girls have head butted him into the fence, he walks it off and seems happier with them, but can this hurt him, or is this their way of playing?
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    I have had experience with a few young bucklings, 2 have been soooooo laid back to the point of laziness while others are looking for trouble. He's eating, drinking and healthy otherwise, so I'd say you have a very content little guy, as far as the girls hitting him goes, they are trying the pecking order, he's not fighting back so they are showing him that he is at the bottom. Do watch those laid back fellows though...they are usually the ones to breed does while you are unaware.