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Hi Everyone,
A few weeks ago I was looking for some ideas for temporary shelters. Well, I decided on a permanant shelter after reviewing plans that a fellow member sent me (BIG THANKS), but I can't start construction on that building until spring.

Here are some pics of a shelter that we built, just kind of on the cuff. This should bring me through the winter. Birthing stalls are being built in the barn and a back wall will be added to the A-Frame when the weather turns.
[attachment=3:1chs0u5i]Small 1.jpg[/attachment:1chs0u5i]
[attachment=2:1chs0u5i]sMALL 2.jpg[/attachment:1chs0u5i]
[attachment=1:1chs0u5i]sMALL 3.jpg[/attachment:1chs0u5i]
[attachment=0:1chs0u5i]sMALL 4.jpg[/attachment:1chs0u5i]


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They look great! Quite big too. :)
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