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A funny goat for a stressful day....

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Considering Tulip had me worried today with her poop issues (vet confirmed it was cocci, so we started treatment on all the young goats), I had to share this funny.

First of all, I wouldn't have noticed Tulip's issue if I hadn't been out there waiting for Bree to pee so I could try the bleach preggo test (it fizzed). So I was leaning back against the barn, waiting for miss piggy to pee. And she was more interested in hay than in water and peeing. Well, Ruby decided that it was time to check the bottom of the five gallon bucket for that special drop of water that can only be savored when drunk from that bucket, not their actual water bucket. And she got the bucket stuck on her head. First thing was to do the look around, so the bucket was moving from one side to the other. The next move was to back up into the wall. I swear she had that bucket on her head for 3-5 minutes. Luckily, she didn't panic, and I was too busy laughing at her to help her. Eventually she lowered her head to the ground, and got it to slip off.

While she was in it, she was making the other goats a little jumpy, every time they saw that bucket move.

I wish I'd had my camera or iPad out there.
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That is funny I have had mine get buckets on there heads then take off runny not a good thing!
And I should say, the handle on the bucket in no way played a part in this story. So her head wasn't actually trapped, she just tucked her chin too much and got it a little stuck.
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