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    We have a large crate/kennel that we use sometimes to transport some of our goats in the back of our pick-up truck. Sometimes we don't feel like puting the topper on the truck but we found a neat thing to use to cover the crate & reduce wind. We have a thick canvas grill cover that fits nicely over the kennel & then we just run a strap around it--it doesn't flap around like a noisy tarp would.
    Anyhow, just thought I'd share our idea. This time of year depending on where you live you can find the grill covers pretty cheap.
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    That is pretty clever! Sounds like it works great!!

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    cool .....glad it worked well for you.... :greengrin: :thumb:
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    too bad they dont make them bigger...my boyfriend made me a goat tote for the back of the truck and I have to use a tarp...they rip so easy and are a pain in the rear...I will probably have to order a custom canvas cover for it
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    This is a bit pricier than the grill cover it is called a SoftTopper (you can goggle it) it is amazing! I bought mine off of craigslist in the spring it is some kind of army canvas and is on a convertible frame (similar to a bimini top on a boat) that attaches by 2 pins that clamp (I had mine screwed down) to the side and this folds back against the truck cab when not in use (or when you are arranging your kennels or loading feed) then you pull it up and it creates a camper top by attaching the corner clips. The sides can be rolled up leaving a sun guard or rolled down and snapped closed. I stumbled across it while looking for a camper top but it works way better for me and it only weighs about 35lbs so I can remove it by myself.
    (No I don't work for this company LOL)

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