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Hello everyone!
As some of you probably know, I just had my first set of quads, recently! 馃挏 And since you all of pictures so much, 馃槈 I have decided to post some pictures of all of my very happy goats today!

There are my adorable quads!!! 馃挏 they are bucklings, which was a huge surprise, and they are very healthy. Their mom, Lilly, is such a perfect goat! (Also, I have not yet decided the names of the kids... I鈥檓 thinking of waiting a wee bit, just to see what their personalities are like!)
And here are some pictures of my happy, very photogenic goats.

Pearl and her very sleepy doeling triplets! They are so cute!

Winnie鈥檚 kids, Luke and Leah, in that order. They are so beautiful and sweet! I鈥檓 planning on selling them, sadly, and I definitely think their new owners will love them.

My very handsome buck, Chestnut. He is very loving, but his huge horns get in the way. 馃槀

And here are most of my goats together, enjoying the beautiful sun. 鈽 Today is really beautiful, so I鈥檓 thinking of spending quite a bit of my time outside with them, maybe cleaning up their shed. Let me know what y鈥檃ll think of my herd.

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Looks like they are very happy!
What a beautiful herd!

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They're lovely! I like the variety you have. So many different colors, ears, wattles, horns...they look very peaceful
Thank you! They are definitely very different. Although every kid comes from the same father, my does are all completely different, and unrelated. And yes, they were very peaceful, until I came and ruined that, 馃槀!
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