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  1. So she FINALLY did it!
    My scandalously named Ibex hybrid FINALLY had her baby! ...and true to form, it is a complete "HOW is that even possible?" Kind of thing. Not that I am complaining mind you, because it is an absolutely perfect baby! Especially for what I was hoping to use it for. But it's still completely weird for a number of reasons: I'm pretty sure this baby is almost a genetic impossibility.

    I love her, everything about her, but I'm scratching my head over a number of things. First, her color... Mostly white with a pale silver/blue cape and eye stripes, and ice blue eyes. Why this has me scratching my head is the sire of this baby (and the ONLY OPTION for her dad) is a jet black Alpine/Kiko/Boer with a tiny white patch who makes cookie cutter babies. He has 40+ babies, ALL looking like little clones of each other, solid black, big, stocky things, only 2 of his babies -out of all kinds of different does- are not solid black, and those 2 are 99% black with tiny random white on their sides! He is extremely consistent with what he produces... So this is a total curve ball!!

    Now mom is part domestic (no idea what breed, but her random white foot and chest marking give it away, I assume the feral Spanish descent goats on the island, but no idea what it really is) and part Nubian Ibex (from a game farm) as is the color of a Nubian ibex with a small white chest patch and foot... So I don't know what I expected her to do with this baby, but I was thinking it would be solid black like 99% of the sites other babies, or WILD color like the mother who is part wild... Didn't expect SILVER TRIMED WHITE!!!! And I have no idea where the ice blue eyes come from!!!

    Now I am not complaining mind you. She is actually perfect for my Unicorn themed hiking business, and it is ironic that she is born a nearly perfect "unicorn" subject and the pasture where she resides is "Moonlit Meadow" so I suppose it is fitting for her to be a little "magical" but totally an unexpected result from this pairing!

    And quite large compared to her mother and other babies I've seen (she looks like she is a week old, and I know I hadn't hands on her RIGHT AWAY as she came into the world! I can hardly believe her mom allowed me to participate! She is not the tamest goat in the world)

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  2. This color, I don't know what to call it, it has a silver grey base and mostly white everywhere else. Like a black and white version of Chamoisee?

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  3. She has a silver dorsal stipe and blue gray base to most of her hair, in spite most of her hair is stark white. Super cute... I almost forgot how much I love the baby tail wagging!

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  4. Her name is going to be either "LUNA" or "LUMINOSA"

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  5. Just so adorable and so UNEXPECTED!
    Baby goats really are the cutest things

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    Aww she's adorable! Congats
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  10. She is so cute! And how fun to have such an unexpected color!
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    Congrats! She is beautiful. I bet she will darken a bit as she ages, but is still a very unique color! I had a few that color that were 3rd generation Saanen/Al;pine crosses! Certainly not with black breeding or feral coloring. Wow! Gotta love genetics!
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    What a beautiful baby. I love that color. I would bet she will have gray through out her body as she gets older just light.
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    Ooh, pretty girl and a cutie to boot:)
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    Beautiful baby! Congratulations!
  16. Thank you all! She was a long wait, we weren't exactly sure when TFI got covered, so she lived with the buck for 10 weeks! She had milk a full 7 weeks before she had the baby!

    During her first real milking, she proceeded to attempt to destroy all things even loosely describable as "things" in her "OMG UGLY DEATH!" Panic attack (which only happens when you touch her, she actually LIKES being right next to you, just detests being touched!) ironically she wanted me right next to her while she was delivering.

    Baby LUMINOSA is well.
    Very interesting about the eyes for me, they aren't just LIGHT, they are super baby blue! Am trying to wrap my head around that one still, because other than random mutation, it just shouldn't have happened! Doesn't really matter, just curious, genetics are fascinating!

    I also have seen Saanen crosses with this kind of color, just so unexpected with her background, because the sire is SO RELIABLY CONSISTENT with what he makes (and aside from color she has all his better qualities so far) so this one being a complete "out of left field" curve ball was definitely unexpected! Either way, she is awesome and adorable.

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    Congratulations :) What a gorgeous little girl ! Her momma is very pretty too :)
    Enjoy her , regardless of how she came about , lol.
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    That's fascinating! Maybe there's a magical "ghost" buck that lives in the woods, and covered your girl ;) . I don't know lol, but she's a beauty!!
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