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Discussion in 'Parasites' started by MadHouse, Oct 23, 2020.

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    Just wanted to share this email I had from my vet as per fecal results.
    When I first started with goats, this vet wanted me to do scheduled deworming. I wanted to have fecals checked and deworm naturally with herbs and oils as far as possible.
    He has always been respectful and open to different approaches, to some extent.
    I have learned to do my own fecals now and this is in line with my own findings. So, I am double pleased! :)

    Hi Sangeeta
    I did not find any eggs in any of the fecal samples provided.
    Whatever your doing is working quite well.
    Have a good weekend!
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    I would let him know what you’re doing, perhaps he will recommend it to others!!
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    Too cool!
    You're lucky to have an open minded vet. Hang on to him, a lot of folks aren't so lucky.
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    He is very good!
    We differ in opinion sometimes, but he IS open minded.
    And a nice person too.
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