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Ok, this is junebug, our doe that has been a companion for Lebron. Same thing goes with her as for lebron, please critique and dont be afraid to hurt my feelings :D. Her full name is Cori's fancy n juniper, 15 months old.

Boers & Nubians
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Wow another cute one :love: You just have them coming out of your ears, dont you?!

*Nice and long
*Great depth
*Very good body capacity
*Skeletally wide build
*Straight topline
*Straight fore legs
*Beautiful rear leg angulation
*Good brisket
*Long, elegant neck
*Blends well overall
*Proportioned nicely

-Steep rump
-Maybe lacks a tad bit of dairy character??

Wow, I really can't find much wrong with her. But Nigerians aren't my forte, so I am not exactly sure how much of everything they need ;) At least I have stopped wanting to judge dairy breeds as Boers!

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Thanks for all the helpful input, it was very much appreciated. I can't wait to see what the kids look like, we just witnessed them doing the deed just over a week ago. Hopefully we will get a nice doeling for the show ring. Also gonna be getting another buck and a couple does in about a month that should help us get up and running and producing good quality ND's.
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