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    Jan 6, 2008
    I am absolutely trilled to discover that most of the former GW members are here. I have missed GW dreadfully since it's mysterious nonexistent. It's wonderful to be back. It may be a under a different forum (which looks amazing by the way, Stacey. Beautiful job) but it's still all of the same people. It feels like home.

    I feel that a update of my life is required.

    Firstly I am now working two jobs. I was hired at Hardees back in August so I have been working there for nearly five months now. Far from my dream job (come on, fast food?), but it's a job. I put in between 35 - 38 hours a week there. My second job is actually at the Animal Health Clinic here in Dyersville. I believe that I was hired there in October. Sadly it's not as a Veterinarian Assistant or as a Vet Tech. I mainly do work as a house keeper. Cleaning duties are a large part of my job, but I also get to interact with the animals. Walking the dogs is one of my favorite chores. I only work there twice a week for about two to three hours a week. I wish that I could have more hours, but I did accept the position as a way of just getting my foot in the door. It's the first step towards my goal.

    I do plan on taking two seperate courses this year. One for Veterinarian Assistant and one for dog grooming. Both are careers that I desire to pursue. I would be taking the at home courses rather then college courses. I already talked to the vet's wife on the matter and she assured me that a at home course is of no less value then a college course.

    Some exciting news. I did purchase my first vehicle in November. I found it quite by mistake actually to tell the truth. I was browsing through the classifieds in my search for a car, when I happened to glance at the Jeep section. Mind you, I was searching for a car and at the time had no intention of getting a Jeep. but my eyes were drawn to a certain ad. It was a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado, $1,100.00 or best offer. I showed the ad to my mom, and despite us both thinking that it was too good to be true, that something had to be wrong with it, we did decide to give it a shot and call anyway. He told us that is was still available and that he was actually selling it for his older son who was only selling it because he had just recently gotten a truck. Nothing was wrong with it. We decided to go over and look at it, but both me and my mom are by far expects when it comes to vehicles so we decided that it would be best if my dad or one of my older brothers went along with me. My dad wouldn't be getting home from work for several hours yet however, and we both had a horrible feeling that the Jeep would be sold if we waited until then. My mom discussed it with my oldest brother, who then decided that he would come out and take me over there. On the way he told me to not expect much, that it could very well be a heap of rust considering the price. We pull up to the house and sitting in the drive is a gorgeous dark green Jeep. I mean this Jeep looks amazing. No rust, beautiful clean tan interior, not to mention that everything underneath the hood looked like it was in perfect condition. Everything was clean and well cared for. Even the tires were newer. I let my brother do all of the looking over however. He was really pleased, and while taking it for a test drive said that I had better buy it or he would, if just to sell it for a profit. It was that good of a deal. I was more then happy to pay the asking price, but my brother wanted to see if he could talk the guy down even lower. My brother offered him $800.00 he wanted no less then $950.00. My brother offered him $925.00 and he called his son, told him the offer, and the son accepted. Because I had been saving for a vehicle for several weeks I was able to buy the Jeep out right without getting a bank loan. The guy told us that several people had called about the Jeep after we had, and even while we were there a few calls concerning the Jeep were made ... if we had waited it would of been sold. I am surprised that he accepted our offer after receiving so much interest in it. I really do think that God had answered my prayers. This was more then I expected ... more then I could even imagine. According to Kelly's Blue Book my Jeep is valued at $3,500.00 and I got it for nearly $3,000.00 below that price. I have owned it for about ... two months now and I have not had any problems with it. It runs like a dream. I adore it. You guys have got to remind me to take some pictures of it to share with all of you.

    Some sad news. I have downsized my animal family these past few months. It broke my heart to do so but I felt that it was for the best. My flock of chickens and one of my rabbits were rehomed to a couple that assured me would continue to keep them as pets. But the absolute hardest part was giving away three of my cats ... at three cats, one rabbit, and two goats, I feel that I can better care for all of them now.

    And now I feel that I made the right choice since we are now faced with the all true prospect of moving ... my mom and dad are using a first time home buyers program and buying their first house ... the down side ... the program requires that the house must be located in city limits. They have already placed a offer on a house and their offer was accepted. They will be moving to Manchester this spring. Me? Well I am always welcomed to come along but where are my animals going to go if I do? I would have to board my goat's somewhere ... (at this point I hate even the idea of selling them or giving them away ... they mean too much to me, and I have already had to give away so many of my beloved animals ...), and my cats would be forced to stay in the small indoor porch since my brothers allergies prevent even the possbility of them being indoors. Quite frankly the thought of moving to town breaks my heart ... there is a possibility that my older brother and me will continue to live here and split the bills for the time being. At least until next winter. It would be a huge relief to me. My goats would be safe for the time being and I could even have my cat's indoors since my cat allergic brother would no longer be living here. Either way I do have until May ...
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    Nov 29, 2007
    Rachel it is so good to hear from you!!! Sounds like stuff is going good... sorry to hear that you had to get rid of some of your animals, though :(. That is always really hard.

    Congrats on the Jeep!! That was quite the find. Wow! My dad will be so jealous.. haha.

  3. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Hi there Rachel so glad to hear from you!

    Wow a lot has been happening in your life, sounds like the Lord has been watching over you.

    I can only imagine how you feel with downsizing your animals but good for you, you made the hard choice to give them all what is best. SHows how much you really do love them.

    You have a lot of choices ahead of you, don't get to overwhelmed just yet, just think about that jeep and know how the Lord provides!

    Congratulations on that, what a find!
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Its nice to hear an update from you Rachel. Glad you were able to find a job, sorry you had to get rid of your chickens.

    Congrats on getting a new car! :D
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    Jan 6, 2008
    It's wonderful to hear from you as well Katherine and Sarah. :)

    Stacey, the Lord has most certainly been watching over me. I felt him answering my prayer for a vehicle when I came upon the Jeep in the paper that day. It was too good to be true to be anything other then God 's answer to that prayer.

    And I thank you for your comforting words on behalf of my downsizing on my animal population. I really do appreciate it. I have felt awful ever since doing it. I feel more like I abandoned them more then anything else ...

    Overwhelmed is my middle name right now. IF my older brother agrees to stay here with me after my parents move to their new home then we can split the rent and bills 50/50 and both be able to afford living here together until next winter (heating bills are too high. We would want to move to cheaper housing before then). I would likely be moving out on my own in August however. My oldest brother currently rents a small two bedroom house in Manchester. It's actually only a block or two from my sisters house and my parents soon to be house as well. Anyway he also wants to buy a home this year and is 75% certain that he will purchase one before August. He said that if I'm interested he could speak to the landlord of his current house and turn the house over to me. It's a nice house and the landlord had previously allowed the former renter to have two indoor dogs, so she would most likely allow me to have my three cat's indoors and a dog out in the backyard (I would prefer the dog to also be indoors but I don't want to push my luck). The house would be perfect for me ... I would just have to find boarding for my two goat's. At this point even considering the possibility of rehoming them is too hard to bear.

    In the mean time I will try to trust in the Lord.
  6. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    well it seems like a while off but you are good for making plans now.

    You certainly have grown up on the past few years to see things in a different light and you are growing into a mature young lady :D

    do keep us posted on all your animals and life - we love hearing from you
  7. enjoytheride

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Humboldt Co Ca
    It's good to hear from you- sounds like you have a whole lot of decisions coming up. I hope that it all works out perfectly for you. It's good you have some time to plan.
  8. Muddy Creek Farm

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Keokuk, Iowa
    Good to hear from you Rachel! Wow that is a great deal on your Jeep! I am sorry about your downsizing, but if it means that you can better handle their care then that is a good thing. Congrats on your job too!