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Our 100% ABGA registered Boer Buck is still available. He was born in April 2012, good bite, clean teated 2x2, up to date on cd/t/bose, and was wormed when we purchased him a few months ago <eye color is fine>.
He was raised on pasture by his breeder, and has been mostly on browse/hay here, with some grain.

I'll have to look up his ABGA #, but here is his pedigree that I have on our family website:

He has a good personality - is not aggressive. He's good with the does, and looks out for them. If there is something or someone in the pen that he does not know, he wants a full inspection to know if they are a threat or not ---> something I really like about him.

Leads well on a halter, quiet, and just a pleasant guy to be around.

He has bred all of our does, and they are all due in Jan/Feb. So no breeding issues, and everyone took on first heat.

We had planned to keep him for breeding next fall as well, but our plans to build a buck pen/shelter had to be put on hold while we continue to work on our home <significant water damage>.
We don't like to leave a buck with does after the 3rd month of pregnancy, and we're getting close to that time frame.

We are asking $300.

Here's some pics from a few days ago:

We have a Jan 2013 Boer/Kiko wether for sale. He was previously sold at the 4-H auction, but the buyer wanted to turn him and another wether they bought from us out with cattle. Something or someone took the other wether from that pasture, and the buyer asked if we'd take him back so nothing happened to him too.
He'd make a nice pet <needs a buddy>, or weed eater. If he doesn't sell he will have to go to auction.
Asking $150 obo. He is just over 100lbs.
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