ABGA Errors? How long will it take

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    On October 28, I submitted registrations for 4 of my does. 3 yearlings and 1 two-year-old doe. This is my very first time registering goats and submitting paperwork, but I have been very anxious to do it. Every time I tried, something else came up like I had to get confirmation papers for a buck that we used for one of my does.

    Well, when I was registering, I was so anxious to get it done, I made a few errors. Like I pushed the wrong date for the dob for one of my yearlings and on all 4 of them, their LE tattoo number was all wrong. I called and emailed them the corrections that I meant to put, and got an email saying they were in the process. That was a little over a month ago.

    I'm curious to see if anyone else has had these errors or similar, and had them fixed? How long did it take for you?
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    Don’t forget that you’ll have to pay for those changes before you can get those papers. Check your ABGA account and make sure you don’t have any outstanding charges.

    They were severely backlogged earlier in the year due to COVID. I’m sure they’ve caught up a lot by now, but they may need a reminder. You could always send another email to check up.

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    I had 2 bucklings born in March of 2020. Lightning paperwork took 2 months. Igot his papers in June. I submitted Thunderbolts in April..and I received them in September..one problem..the put him down as a doeling...:oops2:..I had my papers in hand, put copies of my original papers to prove I had him as a buckling..I sent them in to ABGA in September. I emailed Cierra she works for ABGA! She responded on Dec. 1st..they were still working on them. It was their error...not mine. So..its been since April...and I still dont have them!:omg:
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    It is a pain for sure.
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