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You will have to get the seller to fill in the rest of the paper and register the goat in his/her name, you will have to tell the seller what name you want for the goat.

You can offer to pay the fees, if you want to.
Put a rush order on it if the association is allowing it.
Do know, ABGA has been way behind and super busy.

By rights, the seller was not right to sell him to you without the paperwork in order and already registered.
After he has that done the seller can now sign and fill in the back of the registration paper over to you.

That's the only way because that sellers name is on the papers unfortunately, so you can’t skip the middle man.

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If you intend to register him, I would highly recommend starting to get things started now. I bought a does the same way-never registered to the lady I bought from. I had to go back to the original breeder, get signed paperwork, and send that in. Then found that her sire had not been DNA tested because at the time of my doe's birth, it wasn't required. So since sire was deceased, I had to apply for a buck exception. It took *almost a year* to get that, even with the original breeder sending a letter along with the exception paperwork. So once I finally got that, got the registration for the lady I bought her from filled out, I did my girl's paperwork to transfer to me. That was in April of 2020. Still nothing from ABGA and my doe is now deceased.

I learned a hard lesson with all this-I will never purchase an animal who has not been properly registered by any previous owners. All the fees and time I wasted and now my Tina is gone. If I ever get her registration, I might register her daughters. The two I kept are already registered as 50% Kiko and that took all of two weeks to get back.
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