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About at the end of my rope

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I posted before about my goats cough. I have done everything I can to get rid of it and its still there. Treated for lung worms. Gave antibiotics twice. Nuflor last. Vetrx and robotussin (sp). My barn has been stripped of shaving and fresh hay put down. Cleaned everyday. Can not figure out what might be causing it. I have newly cut good hay no mold. Take very good care of my goats and also have tested all for diseases and neg. Worm regularly for all worms and fecals tested by vet. Is there anything I can look for that could possibly be causing the cough. Three have it but one for whole summer and still coughing. Cough does seem dryer now and not as bad. Nuflor given last week. Thanks
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I would go with Draxxin. Give 2 shots 7 days apart. 1cc per 100 lbs.

Have you treated for lungworm and liverfluke?
Sandra, how do they look health wise? Temp ok? eye's look good? I have a 3 year old doe who coughs from time to time, sometimes its a day sometimes its a week or longer but she's healthy as can be. What was the results of the fecal test? Maybe some homemade electrolytes with molasses scratchy through ?? (Maybe) seems crazy but you never know
Yes they are very healthy looking. No temp. Eat like pigs. Just the cough. Will try molasses. Thanks. Good to know it could be just scratchy throat.
I was thinking the same thing. I have some that just cough. Worries me, but they all seem healthy and it doesn't really affect them. So....I just let it go.

Reason I say this is I had one 3 yr. old milker doing the same exact thing. The cough would come and go depending on wind, trees blooming, time of year and such.
The lady vet said it was allergies ... after all the testing was done.:wallbang:

The doe is healthy and looks great. Just suddenly will pop up with this dry cough. Lasts a few days and then is gone.
She is fat and breds easy and kids with no problems. Good coat and her eyes are fine.:shrug:

Hope you figure this out. It can cause sleepless nights!:coffee2:
try Benadryl for a week and seehow they do...same dose you would give an adult human.

to check for lung worms Goat hiker shares to wrap a few berries in a square of gauze...twist it tight and float in water over night...lung worms or larve will float to top if the goat has them :D
Thank y'all. Yes I have been upset about it. I did give her vet RX and robotussin and it did help while giving it everyday. But not completely gone. She is due in 4 days. Shrug... She had ivomec injectable for lung worms just in case a while back. That did no good.
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