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Accident mating

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Hello, new to the forum and new to owning goats.

We just got two mini lamanchas today, we are planning on milking them. While we there one of them escaped out of her pin and mated with a large lamancha buck. They didn't know she was in heat. After, they put her with one of their Nigerian dwarf studs.

I'm concerned the mating with the large lamancha might have took (or should I be).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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If she was inheat and stood to be mounted, and the large lamancha buck was first, it would definitely concern me that he was the buck that bred her.
What would happen to her if she got mated by the large lamancha? What kind of health risks? What should I keep an eye out for?

I know we won't know if she's pregnant for another cycle, to see if she goes in heat again. But incase the father is the large lamancha I just want to know what I can do?
What generation is she?
I would say 1st/2nd? Her mother was normal size lamancha and father was Nigerian dwarf.
Then she is first generation. It will probably be fine. Just watch feeding.
My 1/2 nubian 1/2 Nigi has been bred to full size bucks before - She has always delivered okay.

Just keep an eye on her and try to be there to help for delivery.
Phew, that's a relief to hear. Thanks for the feedback!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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