Accuracy of fecal after worming?

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    I have been having a problem with parasites in a couple of my goats. I have had fecals done on them and the vet found hookworms (See my thread SafeGuard wormer. I have followed the vets worming plan, but would like to get a fecal done again to make sure we have the issue under control. How soon after worming would a fecal be accurate?
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    Oct 5, 2007

    From Univ. of TN -
    "Fecals - can keep berries in the frig for several days in a baggie. Do an egg count before the deworm, deworm, then 7-10 days later do another fecal and compare the results (on same goats). If you didn't do your first count before the deworm, wait a month then start. <<For>> If you wait 14 days for the second fecal in a goat, they could be reinfested. Be sure to check every goat. "

    There is more info at