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Adapting an Old Surge Bucket Milker for Goats?

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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone had experience adapting an old Surge Bucket Milker to use for goats?

I have been trying to find a milker that doesn't break the bank and won't destroy my goats' teats, and ran across an old thread on here with a member mentioning using a Surge. I, oddly enough, found one for free long before I got my goats and use it as decor on my front porch. 馃槅 I'm guessing it's from the 40s or 50s based on some old ads/photos. I found that Hambry Dairy Supply still offers parts/kits for them, and it looks like they have everything to make it work, but I was curious if anyone had done this before, and if it was worth investing a few hundred dollars into parts to get it up and running again? I only have the bucket, and would need everything else, which would run me about $300-400.
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Did you look at simple pulse milking machines? It is certainly doable what you want to do.
Did you look at simple pulse milking machines? It is certainly doable what you want to do.
I did look at the Simple Pulses, but once I add the 6 CFM system (I live at 7k' elevation) and the accessories, it comes to $999, which is just too costly for me to justify. I only have two does, one who is pregnant and won't be milked for a few months yet, and I was trying to find a ~$500 machine option that could be used daily. But it seems like this is very much a "you get what you pay for" situation, and anything under $500 is going to either be unreliable or too hard on the girls' teats.
There have been a couple people on here who have built their own milking machines. Certainly not impossible to do.
Do you have a vacuum pump? Many people have started with a surge bucket. You just have to get 2 goat inflations.(they go on the udder), and a tube to block off
the unneeded 2 on the milker lid and regulator. Make sure the milker has a regulator- so you can control the vacuum sucking amount. The photo is off of Ebay. The little square box is the
regulator- you can buy the rebuild kit for it. The insides are a leather gasket and a slide.

They work just fine on goats- just make sure you wash everything well after milking. Generally, you get longer hoses, so you can sit the entire thing off to the side and only deal with
the 2 inflations that get put on the teats.
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