ADGA/AGS Nigerian Dwarf Mature Doe and Daughter - NW OR

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    Jul 6, 2008
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    I am offering Sugar Pine FD Bit O' Honey and her daughter, Capriola RB Bee My Honey for sale to a loving home.

    Honey's pedigree:
    Sire: Hayseed Farms FA Flash Dancer (supremely dairy buck!)
    SS: Hayseed Farms Final Answer
    SD: MCH Gay-Mor's Lucky Native Dancer

    Dam: Mountain Quest TM Butterscotch
    DS: Twin Creeks PD Megabuck (Twink's Pixie son and multiple GCH winner)
    DD: Mountain Quest White Truffle

    Bee My Honey's pedigree (haven't figured an abbreviated name for her yet):
    Sire: Camanna LK Royal Blue
    SS: NC PromisedLand HS Lion King
    SD: CH Camanna FD Tasonni Blue

    Dam listed above.

    This doeling's full-sister (now a year old) won GCH junior doe for her owners. Another of her full-sisters places well in the show ring and is in Idaho. This has been a successful cross in the past with very dairy kids. I am very pleased that her teats are both long and close together (shows promise for her future mammary).

    Both of these does are VERY dairy and correct! Honey and her paternal sister have some of the best conformation in our herd. I would, however, like for Honey to have a stronger medial and a little higher attachment in the rear. Much improvement has been seen in her daughter Lyla's udder.
    She is not too well-behaved for milking but I'm a terribly impatient person and have not worked with her enough for milking. . . so she still has potential in the area, with a little time (food and treats, oh how she loves those!)

    Honey is high producing doe that normally kids with triplets and quadruplets -- boy was I surprised when all she had was one doe this last time! But that's okay, this is a spoiled little girl! Unfortunately, not the tamest at the moment but not terribly wild either. Honey came to us completely wild and crazy but is now tame and easy to handle, especially when food is involved. :)

    Asking $250 each - if you'd just like the daughter, then we'll probably just be keeping Honey. I want them to be sold and to stay together. They are being sold with right of refusal should you decide to sell them in the future. If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Some more photos of Honey can be found here (first doe on page):
    A couple photos of Bee My Honey can be seen here:

    I would actually love to keep both of these girls but I am considering lowering the herd numbers due to circumstances. We'll see what happens with some of our other goats, but these girls are ready for a new home as soon as you are.

    Honey and one of her kids from last year (just tattooed the little guy and his mom was comforting him): ... es2037.jpg
    Honey and 2008 kids (same pairing): ... ies036.jpg ... 008390.jpg

    One of Honey's daughters born in 2007 (yearling photo): ... lle011.jpg
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    Jul 6, 2008
    Northwest Oregon
    Honey's daughter is sale pending, but Honey is still available (unless I decide to keep her). She is available for $300